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By Baljit Singh CCNA trainee ·
I have a XP client - XP server PPTP VPN link. The VPN client is external to the network ; that is it is placed 'outside' on a the internet and acceses the VPN server which is 'inside' of the Router; ; the vpn xp server and adsl router are on network LAN....I use a Netgear V3 DG8430G router. The vpn xp client gets allocated a dhcp pptp ip address of about 192.168.101. I use Preshared keys. I dnt have a DNS Server or host files or WINDOWS SERVER. The pptp vpn connects but if i change the client protocol settings to L2TP ipsec doesnt connect to my VPN XP server. Do you think I havent set portforwading correctly or fully on my router? I have only enabled 1 portforwarding service on my router firewall to the vpn xp server.....even if I change this to the other one L2TP IPSec (router portforward) it wont allow me to connect either from the router or at the xp vpn server. I only use 1 network card from the XP VPN server to the Router; the router then connects by a filter to the ADSL internet. The L2TP ipsec registers on my routers log!! But I get an error on my XP VPN client(ie smthng of the nature that L2TP isnt comaptible I need to make Services, Local Policy, Registry changes on the XP VPN server? Do I need to enable another portforwarding setting on my router eg 'VPN L2TP ipsec 'PASS THRU'' that I have heard of.

How can I then use the L2TP IPsec to create a kind f remote mangement of the VPN Server machine ..using windows or logon securely onto my VPN Server machine to access the Use3r/Admin account to display DESKTOP, MY Computer, My Documents etc...on the VPN Server?

I tried altering the VPN SERVER Account to Administrtaor but it made no difference in it the same with L2TP...I cannot seem to actually able to control any applications on the VPN server aprt from just ping it or just a bare skeletal REMOTE COMPUTER MANAGEMENT CONSOLE? DO I need to create further policies on the vPN server...if so what? Or would you recommend using an ACTIVE DIRECTORY or DOMAIN architecture to logon with on the XP VPN Server to gain full encrypted (like ssh but in windows)control of my XP VPN PC????

if you can help...I would be very grateful and it would definitely attract me back to this forum & website

Baljit Singh

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