XP vs. vista/7 folders

By bcjinsantafe ·
Several folders use the links to redirect to other places in vista and i actually made my own folders for a couple of them in my old XP Documents and Settings\whatever location, then deleted the links. I'm now wondering just what kind of pandoras box i have opened. It is a new computer i couldnt get with XP on it, but should get a 7 upgrade for soon. It is a laptop so i keep it in another room where it cant contaminate my desktops. Does anyone know what the result of is likely to be?


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I'm not really follwing you here.

by seanferd In reply to XP vs. vista/7 folders


You have folders that do not have links pointing to them? Not sure where this would be a problem.

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RE: XP vs. Vista/Win7

by PoppaTab In reply to I'm not really follwing y ...


Huh? LOL It would be a big advantage if you explained where the links were in Vista. There are very many places in any OS where you can do links. Win 7; jump lists, libraries, start menu links, etc.

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What is your question?

by SPC_TCOL In reply to XP vs. vista/7 folders

Brad I think some people, if not all the people that read this, have some open questions.

Please explain the following:
Do you mean, that you had shortcuts on one computer, to a different computer in your own network, or to a place in the WWW?

What did you do with your own folder? Did you make new ones, or did you share them with the network?

I am not sure what you are telling us with your new computer. You got one with what OS on it?

What is wrong with the new Laptop, that it should not be in the same room with your desktop?

If you tell us an equation, then we could give you an result as an answer, but we are not sure what you are asking for.

So please think about my question, and explain everything slowly. Maybe you should let a friend proofread your text, before you send it.

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