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xp will not start

By dlden9 ·
after starting xp it goes to xp screen appears to be loading then a blank sceen HD seems to contue loading but nothing happens

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by ITgirli In reply to xp will not start

Is it the first time you have started it? Have you rebooted?
If it is a new install and continues to hang after a few reboot attempts, you may want to go ahead and reinstall.
Also does it have the proper driver for the monitor?
Have you tried booting in SafeMode?

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by dlden9 In reply to starting

tryed rebooting, can not get the safe mode to work
hangs up after about one screen of loads

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by tfillette In reply to reboot

Might I inquire what are the specs. of the System in question?

I have an old IBM Aptiva Originally a P II 450mhz which I have placed a Celeron 1.0ghz on in the slot. On occasion I do run into the issue described (or similar).

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by dlden9 In reply to

very simalar system but a clone just instaled a program called laplink

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by tfillette In reply to system

I am guessing that perhaps on Boot the BIOS, Processor and Operating System are getting confused by the addition of the new processor. I have had this system for sometime but the issue is intermitent and never consistent and I might add recent. After several attempts at rebooting I am usually able to gain a successful boot. I am using this system as a simple FTP server so it is on all the time, and usually not shut down. Sorry I cannot offer any other insight to the problem or issue.

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check the USB Ports

by jedinc In reply to xp will not start

If you have a memory chip or jump grive plugged into the USB port the system may be looking at it as a boot drive. The system will hang at that point.

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