XP Windows stuck at Windows Screen after rebooting?

By rcsnapper ·
I just purchased another hard drive, since the other hard drive died. I installed the hard drive, and then reinstalled windows XP. When the computer went to reboot, it froze or is stuck at the Windows screen. I keep rebooting, but it does not go any farther than that. Lost as what to do.

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some thoughts

by databaseben In reply to XP Windows stuck at Windo ...

firstly, i would double check to ensure the bios settings are accurately recognizing the hard drive. the hard drive would have a label on it with all the tiny details that you can use to set the bios manually.

secondly, i would double check to ensure that the hard drive jumpers are accurately set to "master"

thirdly, i would execute a check disk with the fix option/switch via the xp setup disk recovery/repair console.

lastly, it is unclear how big is the hard drive. but the partition may exceed xp's limit and may need to be repartitioned into smaller 120 gb portions / partitions

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Checking for Master VS Single mode jumper setting

by allan.clapp In reply to XP Windows stuck at Windo ...

modern hard drives sometimes have the "Master" setting doubling as "Master/Single" mode. if your hard disk has a seperate jumper setting marked "single" and you are not running a second drive on that disk channel you should use "Single". Otherwise the bios may get confused.

Additionally some BIOS systems (like mine) have their own "Master/Slave" vs "Single" setting for a particular disk channel as well.

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Mostly partition table errors

by sirsi In reply to XP Windows stuck at Windo ...

1)First check compatibility of hard disk to chip-set of motherboard (Eg an 845 motherboard may not work properly if hard disk capacity is 500GB. if this is ok? then
2) error check partitions using external boot-able (Live CDs) like Hiren CD or Bart PE or Live XP

Hiren CD has lot of stuff Use partition wizard like third party tools to error check file integrity

which may solve your problem

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XP Windows stuck at Windows Screen after rebooting?

by rcsnapper In reply to XP Windows stuck at Windo ...

thanks all, i will check for the possible solutions as i was away all weekend. the hard drive i got was only a 250 GB...

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