XP Wireless Connection Requires XP Firewall to be Turned Off

By wsmm ·
Have an HP LAatop running XP. Home network, using a US Robotics USR5461 wireless router. For some reason my laptop will not connect in wireless mode unless I turn off the firewall on the laptop. Once the laptop is connected I can turn the firewall back on and everything works fine. What am I missing? I know I shouldn't have to turn off my firewall to do this.


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You need to 'educate' your firewall to accept outgoing connections...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP Wireless Connection Re ...

Depending on the firewall and also on your browser/initial internet point, your firewall has to be taught to allow your outgoing connection attempt.

Clearly by disabling the firewall to allow connection to the internet, you are leaving your laptop exposed to all manner of internet attack because while it is turned off, it's not stopping anything dangerous from coming in.

What firewall and what browser are you using?
Also what is the first 'page' you see when you arrive online?


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Not trying Internet Connection peer to peer network

by wsmm In reply to You need to 'educate' you ...

Not trying to get to Inernet at this point. Just trying to get connected to a peer to peer network. Laptop is an HP, wireless router is a USRobotics USR5461 with both wireless and 4 Ethernet connnection possibilites, two of whcih are being used.


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Sorry, you're confusing me now ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not trying Internet Conne ...

When you originally mentioned a firewall problem I assumed, wrongly as it now turns out, that you were invoking an internet connection.

Now that it is clear that you're not connecting to the internet, but your local network, I still fail to see why you think it makes a difference - the firewall should still be in place. If one of the other systems on your network connects to the internet and becomes infected, your local network can still spread the infection to your wirelessly-connected laptop.

How have you configured your wireless connection screen in the laptop? Have you run the Network Wizard yet?

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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP Wireless Connection Re ...

Can you do an IPCONFIG /all of the before and after turning off the firewall and post the results here.
Click Start, Run and type cmd and press Enter.
Type ipconfig /all and press Enter.
Right click in the screen and click Select all and press Enter. Open Notepad and paste it in.

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