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XP with GroupWise

By loomim ·
OS = Windows XP
Mail =GroupWise
MS Office = Word 2002 (10.6612.6626) SP3

When I go to send mail from Word I'm prompted to choose Profile I say set as default but it prompts me every time. Please... Help make this go away.
I need to deploy WindowsXP with OfficeXP to user by end of AUG04.

Thank You

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Have you tried

by Oz_Media In reply to XP with GroupWise

Have you tried postign in th Novell Section of the Technical Q&A forum? This is more of a discussion center but you will get faster responses and more help in the Tech Q&A section.

You need to offer up some points but you will be given 1000 points as a bonus when you close the question and award the points. So if you tag the question with 1000 points, it will not cost you any points and you will get more help.

I have set up several similar environments but as I am weening a clients users off of Windows desktops ad into Novell's SUSE or Ximian desktops, I have not had this XP issue.

You know that in a Netware environment, for less than $100 you can roll out SUSE to all the desktops and it comes packaged with Open Office that ia Microsoft Ofice compatible with the exception of SOME Excell macros?

Even the desktop learning curve isn't there, ANYONE who can use Windows will be completely comfortable with SUSE now, there's VERY littl difference (well other than stability of course).

You should at least download a copy of SUSE Live
that allows you to make a boot CD and simply boot your existing Windows or MAC box into a Liux Kernel and run SUSE from disk! When yyou're done, just reboot ad Windows is still there completely untouched. It's REALLY cool whe you show peole in the office, they think it's the new Widows Longhorn or something. When you tell them it's Liux based and the whole thing costs a $100.00 to rool out the boss will be on his knees for you. Your work is GREATLY reduced, Desktop issues are now almost a thing of the past.

Can I ask why you would roll out Xp and Office 2XP on a Novell Network to begin with??

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Sorry have problems with the 'N' today.

by Oz_Media In reply to Have you tried

Looks like I have to clean my 'N' key or something?!

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