XP with USB internet dongle. Share wireless

By twanstall ·
Hi there if somebody could help me i'd me most grateful. i thought this would be very straight forward and work fine.

I have a laptop with an internal wireless card and i'm using a usb mobitel dongle to connect to the internet.

I want to share my wireless connection so other laptops and my mobile phone can connect to it and use the internet.

I have setup it up following msn guide:

I have a fair idea of how it works and this guide confirmed it for me. The problem is that once i have set it up and i "view available wireless networks" the network is there but it says "not connected". When i try to connect to it loads for a while but never actually connects to it..

Furthermore the mobile phone sees the wireless connection but it says it is not in range and again cannot connect.

What am i doing wrong?? Please help??

Thank you.


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May not be possible.

by Mehul Bhai In reply to XP with USB internet dong ...

I don't know if I am right or wrong, but after browsing the URL, which clearly mentions that the internet connection to be shared should be wired internet connection, hence the type of connection you desire may not be possible.
I May be Wrong.
Anybody Else want to clarify!!!???

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You did exactly what I would have done

by Slayer_ In reply to XP with USB internet dong ...

I notice the instructions say to use WEP. Do NOT use WEP, it is worthless and I would not be surprised if your laptop and phone refuse connections to WEP networks.

I tried it on my own laptop, WEP was the only option, and my phone would not connect to it either, another laptop could though but said the network was insecure.

Maybe there is some third party software that can do what you want? Perhaps a Linux virtual machine with access to the wireless network adapter,

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