XP Won't Boot

By kessell2 ·
Xp installation won't boot past windows logo.
Specs:Amd AM2 6000+ -GA770-DS3 m/b-Shaw 600w psu -Geforce 9600 GT
Netgear WG311 pci card -seagate 5oogb hhd all brand new including Os.On the occasion that it does start it may run for two hrs and then It'll just reboot for no reason and go through the cycle again. Only windows and m/b drivers and Nero 7 installed .NO error codes at all.Posts normally.Any help on this would be most appreciated.

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Try this

by Nimmo In reply to XP Won't Boot

Unplug all un-needed peripherals, boot the PC and try to enter safe mode.

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This generally happens on a new install of Windows

by OH Smeg In reply to XP Won't Boot

Because your Power Supply is either underpowered or not producing the power it is rated at. You need to fit a Known Good Power Supply to this computer and see if it now boots up to Windows.

If this was a old install there could be a Windows Issue but since you are saying that it's a new install you only have the Power Supply as a possible culprit. So turf it out and replace it with a Good Brand one and not one of the no name cheap brands that are flooding the market not working properly and when the fail they destroy the insides of the computer as well as dieing themselves.

Gigabyte M'Boards are good and expensive so you don't want to ruin one because of a cheap PS that isn't working correctly.


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Xp won't boot

by kessell2 In reply to This generally happens on ...

Sry this reply has taken so long but shifted house and no internet for two weeks. Problem solved,after trial and error it was a bad sector on new HHD that was causing all the hassles, loaded new HHD and bingo runs like a dream with problems at all,Although the psu was not the cause i do agree with your statment.
Thanks for your input most appreciated.

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Your Welcome. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to Xp won't boot
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Try This!

by nlamczyk In reply to XP Won't Boot

Reformat the hard drive and re-install the operating system. It sounds as though when the initial installation took place an error occurred.

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