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XP wont load and cant reinstall ?????

By creid82 ·
I was using my computer earlier and after a series of error messages it crashed. They were errors relating to having to close internet explorer and .exe's i had running. I did nt think anything of it. After restarting my computer then failed to load windows. (hangs on a faint splash screen) I tried restoring to last known good settings and that did nt work and it will not load in safe mode.

Having reached for my CD of XP Pro (thinking i will have to do a repair installation) that does not get passed the 'setting up windows' screen. Its all very strange - whats gone wrong ? and how can i fix it ? any help appreciated greatly.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to XP wont load and cant rei ...

Check for a hardware failure, first initial impression is a bad hard drive.

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by creid82 In reply to XP wont load and cant rei ...

how can i do that ? i ve gone into the bios and it sees both my hard drives ? is there anyway i can test them from there ?

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to XP wont load and cant rei ...

Try downloading the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows and create a boot disk from it. It has several tools that you can use to test your drives. ( Also, you might check your drive manufacturers website for any diagnostic tools they have as well as your computer manufacturers website.

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by zlitocook In reply to XP wont load and cant rei ...

If the drive checks out use the UBCD to check for virus or malware. You could have any number of badware that hurts your computer. With the message about closing .exe's and the computer trys to load to the splash screen. I would suspect some thing is also loading with the start up. You can use the UBCD to move your files to floppy or cd if you have the drivers for it. The reasion I say this is if something has infected XP you may have to format and reinstall.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to XP wont load and cant rei ...

Sounds like hardware failure to me as well.

First thing I'd check is the hard drives. Download the test utility program from the manufacturer's website (hard drive manufacturer not PC). If your drives test out ok, I'd try to reformat and re-install windows. Remove everything from your system that isn't required to boot, just to eliminate hardware issues. RAM, Hard Drive, CD-ROM, Video, remove all other add in cards, and disconnect any USB/Firewire cables from their motherboard headers. If you can load windows, then something you removed probably prevented the system from starting... add them back one at a time (while system is off) until Xp craps out.

BTW, if your Hard drives check out OK (physically) through the manufacturer's testing utility, and there is data you need, look into ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) to recover the data.

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Foxconn related ?

by karibarite In reply to

I hqave a similar problem with two PC's exactly the same but I have changed HDD and even tried differerent Installation CD's, CD ROM drives but still it only gets to 35 % and then just hangs or crashes.
First thing I tried was the Foxconn site but got little info from there.
Maybe it is a driver issue with the motherboard and you need to install drivers at the F6 stage of installation but haven't found the answer yet.

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