XP won't log in

By benmac ·
I have a desktop running Windows XP Pro service pack 2.

It has a 40gig HD which is getting full.
I installed an 80gig (formatted as NTFS) as a slave, and ran Seagate Disk Manager to transfer all data from the 40 to the 80.

When I thought it had completed (thought is the operative word here) I removed the 40, set the 80 as master and rebooted.

When trying to boot from the 80 it said that there was no operating system on the disk.

Okay I will go back to the 40 to start again.
Set up the 40 as master, no slave. Rebooted, and it started fine up to where you click on the user. There is only one user (me) so I clicked on me.

Windows reported Logging on and imediately Logging off.

Tried again - Logging on - logging off, back to the logon screen.

I can't get past it.

Tried in safe mode to no avail. Remembered the Administrators password, tried that to no avail.

I am now stuck cant log in but it is obviously all there.

Can anyone help me.

Thanks in anticipation.

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How about...

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to XP won't log in

Installing XP on the 80GB harddrive should do it. Then you can just rip the info from the 40GB H/D and (optionally) reformat it and use it for additional storage.

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Need Programms too

by benmac In reply to How about...

An effective way to retrieve data.

That would be fine if all I wanted was the data, but I have a lot of programs installed as well, and replicating them will cause a problem.

I really need to copy the whole disk across, and if I do that now I will be copying across the problem as well.

I need to get the original Windows to log in again.

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