XP won't shutdown/restart/logoff using standard dialog

By jamesisin ·
I have recently built and deployed an SBS 2003 server. Today I joined one of my machines to that newly created domain. In this process (adding to domain, redirecting My Docs, etc.) I lost the ability to logoff. Not exactly clear when that happened, but the current state is no good.

I cannot log off using the start menu items. When the logoff or shutdown dialogs come up I can click the OK or Log Off and the dialog goes away, but nothing happens. I have looked at the task manager and really nothing happens. CPU doesn't budge. I can continue working as long as I'd like.

I tried killing processes and services until my machine was essentially non-functional, but it didn't logoff.

(In the end I killed a service that forced a shutdown of its own due to something it was doing. This is a neat trick if you want to force a machine to shutdown I suppose.)

I am able to go to a command prompt and issue a shutdown -l command to logoff. At which point I can use the login dialog to shutdown or restart the machine. The shutdown -r or -s aren't working either.

Any help will be appreciated.

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by animatech In reply to XP won't shutdown/restart ...

Is it happening to all the machines in the domain?
What happens when you take it off the domain?
There could be GPO that you set that causing the issue or maybe a user permissions etc..

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by jamesisin In reply to RE:

Currently this is the only machine attached to the domain. I have only created one GPO and that is to redirect My Documents. This problem exists whether or not that GPO is in force. Again in regards to user permissions, I have only created unique user permissions which relate to the aforementioned GPO.

However, in migrating this machine onto the domain SBS 2003 instituted a login script (SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT.bat) which performed one task (called \\server\Clients\Setup\setup.exe)--each time the machine was logged into. I have since removed this login script from the user which migrated with the machine (so it no longer runs at each login), but I have no idea what this executable does.

Ultimately though, this could be a red-herring. I have deleted all of the original profiles which were created when attaching this machine to the domain, and this phenomena occurs on any profile (local or global) which I use to log into this machine.

One curious aspect is that the first attempt to logoff after a reboot tends to work correctly. But again, this could also be a distracting irrelevancy.

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Auto update client applications.

by 1bn0 In reply to solo

I thought SBS automatically created a logon script to run the install ustility so it could make sure the client computer has current copies of all of the application software. e.g. Office/Outlook, etc.

The integrated setup of SBS is its main purpose. Convenience for administration. Automatic installation of Microsoft applications for prorietary lock-in for MS.

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Conflict with Hamachi installation

by jamesisin In reply to XP won't shutdown/restart ...

Looks like this relates to Hamachi. If I disable that network connection (and restart) I don't have this problem. If Hamachi is enabled then I can logoff one time, and all subsequent attempts to logoff/restart/shutdown are ignored.

I'm not clear what SBS would have changed on this XP machine when it was joined to the domain that would hash up Hamachi like this. Normally Hamachi runs on XP just fine (I have used it on at least a dozen machine including this one--on and off domains).

I could try doing a deep uninstall, but I'm posting to the Hamahi forum to see if I can find a better solution.

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Force the shutdown

by scottvc In reply to XP won't shutdown/restart ...

if you add /f to your shutdown command, it will force the computer to restart. I had the same problem on SBS 2003 and this worked for me.

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