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XP Won't Shutdown right after reinstall

By cicle_98 ·
I have ran into the problem of Windows Xp Pro not shutting down after a reinstall (not a clean install, just reinstall).After leaving the desktop area to enter the shut-down mode, the shut-down dialogue says or I should say my option are "Turn Off" , "Restart" , but no more
"Standby" option is available. On top of all that when I go to "Turn Off" and Win shuts down
it tells me that..."It is now safe for you to shut down your computer". Be fore it would just shut down. Also, I had my pc able to turn on with a one touch key stroke and it no longer
works correctly. I run a legal copy of XP and have thought of formatting my HD to fix the problem, but if anyone knows a Reg hack in which
I can reset this shut down feature, I would have to say cool. My bios has not changed.

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by TheChas In reply to XP Won't Shutdown right a ...

This is a bug in the XP installer. It often does not enable power management.

Open Device Manager.
(Right click on My Computer, select properties, hardware tab, device manager.)

Click on the view menu button.

Select "Show Hidden Devices"

Expand branches as needed to find APM.

Right click on APM and select enable.

I believe this will take care of both problems.

If you still do not have the keyboard power on option, that may be a BIOS setting, or a driver for the keyboard.


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by cicle_98 In reply to

APM/ACPI drivers and non AMPdrivers all seemed ok with the exception of the yellow! driver which proved that a driver was the cuase of my shut down problem...

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by cicle_98 In reply to XP Won't Shutdown right a ...

After hours of troubleshooting and looking at hidden devices in Device Manager and finding this device(Team MFP CommDriver) with a yellow! mark and decided to uninstall it , my "Standby" option is now back and my one touch key (to start my PC)is working again. Thanks Chas for the comment...and here is a link to other various
shutdown related issues and possible fixes, which educated me on some more troubleshooting techniques.


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by cicle_98 In reply to XP Won't Shutdown right a ...

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