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XP workstaion can't create domain files

By brianr1 ·
I have a remote client on my VPN LAN that is a member of the domain. However, when she tries to create a file on our W2K fileserver she "can" see the files she creates, but the rest of the company cannot see them. Including the administrator account on the domain server. I have tried everything I can think of, including (against my better judgment) updating her to XP pro SP2. It doesn't even show me that a directory containing a file she creates has any data in it at all (through properties).

through RDC I can log into her machine and see the files that were created, but If I go back in the server *poof* like Houdini

I have seen some wierd microsoft problems in my day, but this is completely off the map...

Anybody seen this Before?

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by Eminent87 In reply to XP workstaion can't creat ...

this may sound stupid but I've seen many ppl made this mistake before - have you try hitting refresh button on the server or other workstation that's having trouble viewing the file? It might be that the file she created is off on the side so you can't see it. This happened to us a couple of times here.


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by brianr1 In reply to XP workstaion can't creat ...

Thanks for the response, unfortunatly it isn't that simple. I have scoured the folders, and as far as the rest of the domain is concerned the files don't exist at all. It's as if the XP workstation is in it's own virtual world... yet it (the XP WS)can see all the other domain files on the server, including ones it creates.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP workstaion can't creat ...

sorry, no. have not seen this problem. i say: if looks and quacks like duck, well... my 2 cents is: bet those files do exist. bet they exist on her box. have you tried to reproduce the problem locally (on the lan, say, from your box, using her username and password? or get you hands on her box best of all) maybe she would part with her password for a few days if you offered to assist with changing it after. and/or, have you watched over her shoulder as she logged in and performed the steps to reproduce the problem?
bet there is nothing in the security log those dates and times on the server...
if no joy with our simple ideas i suggest: call/email microsoft on this one. it is sure to be worth the money from the education they will likely provide (take a minute to jot down all those other questions you've had lo these long years but don't change subject, wait until after your immediate problem is resolved?) and maybe you won't have to pay if you can solve by email or are reluctant about paying and get operator on good day. they are the ones who decide if you get free support, not the help desk technicians, imho. if you have degree, certs and other credentials, mention that politely in contex of trying to skip tests you've already performed. and be cooperative about listening and obeying.
glad you survived xpsp2. personally it has never caused a problem i couldn't look up and fix via the mskb at i have done only a dozen xpsp2's so far, so for what it is worth.
you won't really ever be comfortable with XPsp2 until you have experienced a problem and resolved it. and you need to be comfortable with it, imho. so do not be afraid, grasshopper. embrace the unknown. anyhow, as maxwell says: you must be assimilated...or as Lennon said: let it be...or as Alfred said: what, me worry? or as Dora says: just keep swimming...or as Captain Kirk says, boldly go where no one has gone before...or as Yogi says: 90 percent of this game is half mental...

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by YetAnotherAdmin In reply to XP workstaion can't creat ...

Have to agree with the Sarge here, also check to see if offline files is on. She may be creating these files offline and never synchronising.

Good Luck!

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by BFilmFan In reply to XP workstaion can't creat ...

On the file share where she is creating these files, check to see what the NTFS permission are. If she mucked around and removed everyone but her account, you would not be able to see them.

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