XP workstations disconnected from network drives between 6pm and 7pm

By csi ·
Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP workstations. Randomly workstations lose connection to network drives between 6pm and 7pm. Any ideas on what the problem is?

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Check your router configuration

by plangham In reply to XP workstations disconnec ...

Could be a scheduled filtering setting, scheduled firewall or other rule in your router. Check the filters and firewall sections in your router if you have access to it.

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no filters set

by csi In reply to Check your router configu ...

Thanks for responding.

No filters are set on router or on any users on the server. It is random which day and which workstation will be disconnected.

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more information on disconnects

by csi In reply to no filters set

Tonight at 6:20 there were 6 workstations in use. Only 2 of them were disconnected from the network drives. The other 4 continued working with no problem.

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Experiencing the same problem on the East Coast

by ama In reply to XP workstations disconnec ...

Ever since I put in a new Windows 2003 Server last spring, I've been experiencing this same issue. I've been seeing it between 7pm and 8pm, which being in a different time zone puts it at the same timing. My outside Network tech tells me it can't be anything to do with the server, but it never happened before I installed the new file server.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this?

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Read this before

by jamesmondtan In reply to Experiencing the same pro ...

I have read this issue before, but i forgot the solution.
If i am not wrong it is something to do with the server's "Time" setting.
This issue should be able to settle after update the patching.
Maybe you should try to update the server patching. Hope it help.

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