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Device Manager

by jenian In reply to XPert discourse

How do I easily create a desktop shortcut to Device Manager in WinXP?

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Create a new mmc

by mburton In reply to Device Manager

How about creating a new mmc and save it on the desktop?

1. Go to run, type ?mmc? hit OK.
2. File ? Add/remove snapin.
3. Add.
4. Choose Device Manager.
5. Click finish. Click close. Click OK.
6. There?s your mmc containing Device Manager.
7. Save it to your desktop, or save it else where and create a short cut.


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confusing ?

by moira In reply to Create a new mmc

Why the ? before and after 'mmc'?

Obviously that's not going to run anything .....

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by In reply to Create a new mmc

After typing ?mmc? in the run box, I get "Windows cannot find file" OS is Win XP Pro service pack 2 installed. All updates installed.

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Of course you do!

by moira In reply to

Yeah, that's what I said in my post entitled "confusing" some time ago. Why put the question marks there? Obviously it's meant to be typed as mmc (microsoft management console) so why cloud the issue with irrelevance, whoever wrote it? :)

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How about a batch file to open it?

by Your Mom 2.0 In reply to Create a new mmc

Create a .bat with these lines, and save it on the desktop:

@Echo Off
Prompt $p$g
start devmgmt.msc

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Easier Device Manager Access

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Device Manager

Not sure you can actually get the Device Manager on the desktop, but I have a quick access method.

Open the 'Administrative Tools' window (I used to go through the 'Control Panel') and then right hand click on the 'Computer Management' icon and hold it down whilst you drag it over to the desktop and release it and choose 'Create a shorcut'. This admin tool has a direct access for the Device Manager, so it is just a case of two quick clicks after the shortcut is set up.

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Right click option

by Homey In reply to Easier Device Manager Acc ...

Another way to get to Computer Management is to right click "My Computer" on the desktop (if you've put it there form the Start menu) and then click "Manage". Device Mananger will come up in the left hand column.

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Drop down menu's

by devisonr In reply to Right click option

As you all know there is always more than one way to do things in the Microsoft environment. This particular example is one that I use all the time mainly for speed sake.

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Easier Device Manager Access

by cabledude In reply to Easier Device Manager Acc ...

from the run dialog box type "devmgmt.msc" that will open it directly.

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