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XP's End-of-Life and Workstation Life-Cycle

By bds_1959 ·
I'd like to get thoughts from others regarding the dilemma I am facing with the upcoming end-of-life support for the XP OS. My Company currently has 37 laptops running XP; 17 of which are > 5 years old. We also have over 160 desktops running XP; approximately 100 of them are > 5 years old. Additionally, there are over 35 XP desktops, all > 5 years old, that are running our Shop Floor Data Collection. Bottom-line, I have over 235 devices running XP, and over 150 of them are over five years old! I hate to be a "Chicken Little," but I believe we are facing a rather large and looming problem. Management, on the other hand, appears to not be doing anything about it; there are no plans that I know of at this point to do any OS upgrades or workstation/laptop replacements on a "mass" level; they are currently being done individually if and when necessary. I have workstations that have literally been through five or more users; they are continually bumped-down. Am I being overly pessimistic? What are other companies doing? What would "YOU" do if you were in my position? Thanks in advance for any input! :) (Oh, and, b.t.w. ... I have around 100 PC's that are still running Office 2000 or XP.)

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I would let them continue to run

by Slayer_ In reply to XP's End-of-Life and Work ...

You don't want to go against management.
So make a document explaining the risks in keeping the old systems. Give it to management and call it a day.

The technology department in our company follow these rules:
Developers, 3 year refresh.
Sales, 5 year refresh
Support, 5 year refresh.

Usually the developer computers go to support (desktop to desktop) and the sales team gets new laptops every 5 years.

With this cycle, we have a 0 failure rate on desktops, and about a 10% failure rate on laptops (1 in 10 will fail within the 5 years).

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