XPsp3 FORGETS I've got a flash drive plugged in.

By wb8mwr ·
I have 2 Sandisk Cruzers (8GB). When I plug them in they are recognized immediately but a few hours later I get a "device not present" message when I try to use them (I'm only using one at a time for back-up but have the same problem with each).
I go through the "safely remove hardware" routine and see the drive light turn off, unplug and replug and they work fine. I am able to store data on them and have reformatted several times.

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do you always

by .Martin. In reply to XPsp3 FORGETS I've got a ...

plug them into the same USB port? what happens if you plug it into a different port?

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Flash drive ports

by wb8mwr In reply to do you always

I've used the two on the front of the computer and a "Cyber Power" usb splitter plugged in the back, all with the same results. Thanks

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What type of computer is this?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XPsp3 FORGETS I've got a ...

If the Power Saving Options are set to turn off the USB Ports to save power this could very well be the issue here.

Quite Often NB Systems are set that way to prolong battery life but it could also be happening on a Desktop system for the same reason.


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Computer type and power saving

by wb8mwr In reply to What type of computer is ...

Thanks for your interest. Computer is a Dell desktop (Dimension w/Pentium III).
I've checked my power options and can find no indication of port controls. My monitor turns off after 20 min. and the hard disks after 1 hour but there is NO standby or hibernate scheduled.

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Well then we keep coming back to a Software issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer type and power s ...

Try downloading a Live Linux from here and see if when that is running off the Optical Disc if you still loose the USB Devices.

If you do it's a straight Hardware issue that needs looking at but if it continues to work you need to look at the OS as the problem



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Loose connection?

by brifd1 In reply to XPsp3 FORGETS I've got a ...

This is probably a long shot with your situation, but I've had these get recognized, then not due to a loose connection, i.e. the metal plug in has loosened from the base part over time (you can wiggle the metal part outside of the computer, too). With it inserted in the computer, with a slight turn, the drive is recognized again. I have another that is recognized in some machines and another has to be plugged in certain ports, but not your situation yet. Very fragile devices, these are. Good luck.

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Loose connection?

by wb8mwr In reply to Loose connection?

Thanks for the thought. The drives are fairly new and I've used three different ports that have had no, or very little use. They are all pretty snug so loose connection is not likely.
Gary - WB8MWR

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