xSeries 342 8669-2rx constant defunct drives

By j.belanger ·
I recently acquired an x342 8669-2rx server which I am looking to use as a backup server. Configuration of 1 gig ram Raid controller-part # 06p5737 and six 73.6 gig seagate scsi drives (part # ST373405LCV) configured as raid 0.

I loaded the ServeRaid 8_40 bootable cd. I've updated all the roms with the current version 7.12 and created the raid 0 array and 1 logical drive with 6 physical drives. I'm constantly having drives go into defunct mode and I cannot figure out why. I've had this happen multiple times with two different Raid Controllers so i've ruled out the controller cards as the problem.

I have also tested all the hardware with PC Check software as well as all 6 hard drives. No errors or issues with any of it.

If i check the logs with the ServeRaid boot cd, i see three seperate logs that tell me the logical drive isn't working, "so and so" drive(s) are defunct, and seperate logs for all 6 of my drives that are possibly non-warranty fru's.

I've reloaded windows server 2003 standard multiple times which sometimes the drive(s) go defunct on me during, or sometime after. I haven't quite figured out any type of patern as to when they go offline, but if i manually force them online, i can boot back to the OS.

Any tips as to figure out why this is happening?

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