Xubuntu on Virtual PC 2007 doesn't start booting

By Neutronensturm ·

as I saw all the tutorials about installing Ubuntu in MS virtual pc 2007. I wanted to try to install Xubuntu myself as VPC is my usual virtualization tool. Now my problem differs from what the others encountered. On my Dell latitude D810 (XP SP3, 2GB RAM) the install cd image doesn't even boot. My next step was to try it on my workstation (Core2Quad 2.4GHz, XP SP3, 4GB Ram). There I could perform the whole installation. It works fine.
Back to my laptop: I copied the virtual machine over. It doesn't boot. It displays GRUB, I get the "Starting up" and that was it. The task manager shows a 100% processor load. But nothing happens. After 15 minutes I killed it. If I remove the "quiet splash" in the grub boot line (in the grub menu at startup) I don't see anything else. It stops before anything starts. Both VPC configurations are default, VPC service pack 1 is installed.

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by .Martin. In reply to Xubuntu on Virtual PC 200 ...

are the specs of the dell laptop?

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Laptop specs

by Neutronensturm In reply to what

2 GHz Pentium M, 2 GB RAM. Btw. the virtual machine's ram is set to 512 Mb. Changing it's value down to 256Mb or up to 766 Mb doesn't help.

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Creat the virtual machine on notebook from scratch.

by 1bn0 In reply to Xubuntu on Virtual PC 200 ...

I believe VirtualPC customizes the virtual environment for the hardware platform it is installed on.

You created a VPC on a "Core2Quad" and then moved it to a "Pentium M" machine.

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from scratch

by Neutronensturm In reply to Creat the virtual machine ...

I don't think this will solve the problem for the following reasons:
1. The Xubuntu install CD does not boot on the notebook.
2. I can create windows installations on the Core2Quad and have them run on the Notebook.

With the Xubuntu install CD it basically is the same: I modify the boot parameters according to the tutorials on the net. Then the GRUB start message appears, the boot stops and VirtualPC hangs with a 100% processor load.

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