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Hey Guys,

it's about using Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Kubuntu,.

tried using the live CD, but, after the boot-screen, it's giving me black screen with green flashing lights only..

can't move on..

any help.. i guess it's my monitor and video card..

i have a Samsung SyncMaster and Nvidia 7xxx series..

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Try another distro

by w2ktechman In reply to Xubuntu

it may be as you said, your video card does not work with it. Try a distro that is a bit different, like PCLinuxOS or SUSE.
PCLOS has a live cd, and I only had it fail on one unit. Kubuntu failed for me on 3 units, SUSE only failed for me on 1 unit (that Kubuntu and PCLOS worked on).

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A sollution... you might try this before you migrate to other distro

by mitzampt In reply to Xubuntu

You can remove the quiet kernel parameter and see the text when it freeze... I also have an NVidia and almost all Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Kiwi Linux i use stops during boot and continues if i press either Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-C, Return...
But mine doesn't display green flashing lights...

This is a known problem to all linux distributions with nvidia firmware... because it isn't free

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by Jaqui In reply to A sollution... you might ...

I never have that problem, with non ubuntu distros, like PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos, Suse, Linux From Scratch, Slakware, Gentoo ...

only with debain and ubuntu, kubuntu xubuntu is it a problems I guess... oops, sorry, strike debian, since debian doesn't give me any issues using the open source nvidia drivers included with xorg.

NVidia is not a problem, with a QUALITY distro.

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