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    by manuel_loid ·

    Hey Guys,

    it’s about using Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Kubuntu,.

    tried using the live CD, but, after the boot-screen, it’s giving me black screen with green flashing lights only..

    can’t move on..

    any help.. i guess it’s my monitor and video card..

    i have a Samsung SyncMaster and Nvidia 7xxx series..

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      by manuel_loid ·

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      Try another distro

      by w2ktechman ·

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      it may be as you said, your video card does not work with it. Try a distro that is a bit different, like PCLinuxOS or SUSE.
      PCLOS has a live cd, and I only had it fail on one unit. Kubuntu failed for me on 3 units, SUSE only failed for me on 1 unit (that Kubuntu and PCLOS worked on).

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      A sollution… you might try this before you migrate to other distro

      by mitzampt ·

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      You can remove the quiet kernel parameter and see the text when it freeze… I also have an NVidia and almost all Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Kiwi Linux i use stops during boot and continues if i press either Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-C, Return…
      But mine doesn’t display green flashing lights…

      This is a known problem to all linux distributions with nvidia firmware… because it isn’t free

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        by jaqui ·

        In reply to A sollution… you might try this before you migrate to other distro

        I never have that problem, with non ubuntu distros, like PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos, Suse, Linux From Scratch, Slakware, Gentoo …

        only with debain and ubuntu, kubuntu xubuntu is it a problems I guess… oops, sorry, strike debian, since debian doesn’t give me any issues using the open source nvidia drivers included with xorg.

        NVidia is not a problem, with a QUALITY distro.

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