Xwin32 - Problem with SSH connection

By ginosca ·
Hi all,

I was running some applications on a Linux machine from a remote host (Windows Xp, Service Pack2) at home, using XWin32 without any problems. The connection is done through a VPN.
Once I installed the last Xp update I got some problems. When I start the SSH connection, the host can be resolved, it tries to connect the host but it does not go any further. Hier is the code I got:

starnetssh> 803 Looking up host
starnetssh> 804 Host resolved
starnetssh> 805 Connecting to
using StarNetSSH.

I fear, the update has changed something which I'm not aware of. Some ideas to solve this problem? What should I check?


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It has do with Port forwarding port 445

by robo_dev In reply to Xwin32 - Problem with SSH ...

See link at end of post about XP SP3 additional workarounds, if needed

1) Go to "Device Manager" select View and
enable "show hidden devices."
2) Expand "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" and set "Message-oriented TCP/IP and TCP/IPv6 Protocol (SMB session)" to start on demand.
3) Reboot
4) Bind port 445 with your application. I used Putty and bound my local loopback addresses on ports 139 and 445 to the tunneled IP addresses' ports 139 and 445 on the remote network.
5) Start the "Message-oriented TCP/IP and TCP/IPv6 Protocol (SMB session)" driver.
6) Browse the remote shares like you used to do before KB942624.
6) Celebrate! We just found a way around the Port forwarding 445 for SMB and SSH problem!

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Bind port 445 - how to do it?

by ginosca In reply to It has do with Port forwa ...


thanks for your reply. Just a question about point 4. How should I bind port 445?
Using Putty should I configure it in the following way:
SSH-> Tunnels, add port 133 and 445 as new "forwarded ports" and use as "destination" the tunneled IP addresse ?
In the same menu I can check Local, Remote or Dynamic and Auto, IPv4 or IPv6? What should I check?

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