Y are the Pages Printing Dark, Totally Black after Changing the Drum?

By Dolphin111 ·
We have a Toshiba e-Studio 452 Printer, which we use it mainly for photocopying purpose. Recently it started printing white lines in the middle of the pages. I removed the developer unit and the drum only to find out that part of the drum had Toner stack on it, i tried cleaning it with a smooth dry cloth, but the dry toner never came out, since we have a spare drum so i just went on and changed the drum, i assembled and then put back everything in place. Know when i make copies the white lines is gone but the page comes out totally dark, completely black no readable information and the drum gets covered with toner. I spent the all day figuring out what went wrong, it seems like i made it worse. I was told the problem is at the back frame of the machine a mismatch, I just don't seem to figure it out.

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Interesting a Fully Fledged Photocopier is described as

by OH Smeg In reply to Y are the Pages Printing ...

Toshiba e-Studio 452 Printer

Anyway was the replacement Drum new or used?

Are you using new or refilled Toners?

If they are refilled are they refilled with Toshiba Toner or other aftermarket Toner? Have they been refilled with the right Toner?

Is the Waste Toner Full or empty?

Are the Corona Wires intact?

Why are you playing with this when it should have a Service Contract covering it so you don't pay for Toner, or any other required replacement parts?

Ideally this should be serviced by a Qualified Toshiba Photocopier Technician or a Photocopier Technician at the very least owing to the replacement cost of the unit. After all it's not a $300.00 cost to replace the thing and quite likely to be more than the normal price of a Desktop Laser Printer just for the Drum.

If you must mess with this unit get a Service Manual for it so that you have some idea of what it is you need to do as these are expensive and complicated devices. They most certainly are not a Simple Desktop Printer.


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Couple of guesses

by robo_dev In reply to Y are the Pages Printing ...

if the drum is covered with toner, then either:

a) the drum wiper is not wiping
b) the waste toner container is full, or there's toner spilled inside printer
c) toner cartridge bad
d) toner cartridge (or drum) HV contacts dirty. If the drum does not get discharged, then toner sticks all over it.

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Local Dealer will not travel to where we are located

by Dolphin111 In reply to Y are the Pages Printing ...

I decided to work on it because the local dealer will not travel to where we are located.
Answering the questions:
Yes the Drum is new out of the box.
The Toner Is new genuine from Toshiba.
The west Toner is empty i emptied it when it was about to get full.
From what it looks yes the Corona wires are Intact.

I will look for the Service Manual

robo_dev, I cleaned all the Toner that was spilled inside the printer, after doing so it showed a slight improvement but the Drum was still covered with Toner. By the way the Toner cartridge is the same one that was being used before it started presenting this problem.
The main concern right now is to get the drum discharged.

robo_dev if the drum wiper is not wiping, can be done to have it wipe the toner?

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Local Dealer will not tra ...

Try replacing the Toner Cartridge

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