y do my usb ports keep failing?

By drew84 ·
i have a asus p5qpl-am mother board with 4 gig of ddr2 ram and 3.2 ghz processor , im running windows 7 and this has been happening for about 6 months now but is getting worse , ive tried drivers but is not sure if it has to do with bios or anything , please help as i just want to know whether its time for a new board or is there a solution to fix this as it is annoying when my keyboard and mouse ect stop working then starts again while im in the middle of something .... if anyone has a solution or advice they could give me i would really appreciate the help thanks ..

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Quick fix

by chdchan In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

A quick fix can be adding a USB PCI card to your motherboard. Intermittent failure, more often than not, means unstable power of hardware, in this case is the USB power or simply contact problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by drew84 In reply to Quick fix

so is there a way to fix it other then a pci card ?

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USB Header

by TheChas In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...


There should be at least 1 header on the motherboard for adding USB ports. Just check the manual to verify that the wiring of slot bracket cable matches the motherboard wiring.

There also may be a jumper to set which 5 volt power supply supplies power to the USB ports. If you use the wake-on-keyboard function, you need to have the USB port that your keyboard is plugged into set to use the 5 volt standby or PS/2 power.

You can also check the wattage of your power supply and perhaps even replace the power supply. Depending on how many internal drives and USB devices you connect, you may need 450 watts or more power.

If you do replace the power supply, avoid the ones that sell for less than $20. They just don't last very long.


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Reponse To Answer

by drew84 In reply to USB Header

ok i dont really understand any of this jumper stuff but i have looked in my manual bout what u said and everything on my board is at default so i guess im stuck again lol

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Reponse To Answer

by jamblaster In reply to USB Header

I bought an old computer for a couple hundred dollars one time and I had to take it apart and adjust the FireWire and the USB headers because the 'Expert' who owned the shop I bought it from wired them backwards....

Even if you have a new computer I would suggest checking how your USB is wired to the MOBO just in case.

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we had a similar problem

by ashlandit In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

After a lot of research that told us just to shut the computer down and poof it would work (which of course it didn't), we traced the problem to the printer. Once we removed the printer from all USB ports and shut everything down for a while, the problem USB ports (which were clearly not failing, just not working properly) were reset.

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USB as well as built-in card readers intermittently quit.

by zekestone In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

I'm running Win7 (64bit/SP1) in a Dell XPS Studio (Intel i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz). Occasionally, for no obvious reason, the built-in card readers & USB ports just quit. A reboot resets them. Don't think it's a power problem as this occurs when the USB mouse is the only item plugged in. As for drivers, I'm pretty religious about keeping them updated. Two oddities also seem to occur arbitrarily. #1. a pop-up tells me to optimize by plugging my device (mouse, camera, external HD, whatever ??) into a USB 2 port for better speed (they're all 2's), and #2. the fan makes a horrendous noise (an inherent problem with this computer model). This doesn't seem to be caused by loads. It's doing it now with a 2% CPU usage, and no exernal devices. Re-applied thermal transfer compound to CPU as recommended by various web tech sites, worked great for about a week, but the problem is back. Any ideas? Thnx in advance.

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The nature of the USB Beast

by dandp In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

It is very true that some of these readers fail at one time or another completely on their own ... reminds me of the Win 98 days where you could install a network card and all of a sudden the user loses connection - you spend the next 2 hours trying everything to fix it then all of a sudden communication comes back ... it seems as though these win 98 gremlins have made their way to usb devices ... to some extent ... what i have tried in the past was to go into Device Manager and manually reinstall the usb drivers that cam with the MOBO and update them ... it has worked in the past - best of luck and please post your progress.

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Other Perspective

by GSystems In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

Since it does appear you're working with a desktop, is there an add-in video card? I had a situation with an old Gateway (that is still kicking today with a 4200+ AMD Athlon x2) where the video card was dying and threw off my USB power... It wasn't until the card fully died, and was replaced that the USB ports worked as expected...

Just a thought...

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Power Management?

by RickC998 In reply to y do my usb ports keep fa ...

Does it make any difference if you turn off power-saving on the USB hubs?
1. Open 'Device Manager' from the 'Control Panel'.
2. Expand the entry for 'Universal Serial Bus controllers'.
3. Right-click on each 'USB Root Hub' in turn and choose 'Properties'.
4. Select the 'Power Management' tab.
5. Remove the default tick mark from the 'Allow the computer to turn off power to this device' checkbox.
6. Click on 'OK' to dismiss the dialog.

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