Yahoo and IE7 - jumbling passwords?

By edhen72 ·
I recently upgraded to IE7. I have two totally seperate Yahoo profiles - One for my personal day-to-day stuff (which is tied to a Yahoo Biz email address) and another I use when... I want to.. hide my identity... a little bit.

The problem is when I am logged on make it simple.. "User1" I do whatever- and it is all good - then I logoff and try to logon to yahoo mail, or even to get into the Yahoo Groups as "User2". I can't because the password has been forgotten. So, I give up and try to get back in as "User1". It says Bad Password.. blah blah. I request a new PW - I answer all my security DOB, Zipcode, etc, and it says it was successful and it is sending a password to my 'alternate email address' - it never comes. I request my ID to be sent (which I know what it is, I just want to test to see if Gmail is accepting my Yahoo info...) I get the ID with no problem. So, I can have the 'forgot' feature send my ID but not my pw. I called Yahoo (yes they actually have a phone #, and it is answered by people born in the USA thank God) and they told me to email some address and request a new pw - I did and it auto replied with 'please send your dob, ID, Zip, etc) - I did and within 24 hours I had a new password which allowd me to logon as "User1"

So, a fluke I thought - I tried to logon as "User2" again, and it AGAIN locked out my "User1" password- even though I KNOW it was right :)

So, I went through the process again, over Thanksgiving in fact, and again got a new PW sent to my alternate (gmail) account.

So, the question is:
Has anyone else had problems using two profiles in Yahoo using IE7? I am thinking it is a Cookie problem - I have since installed Mozilla and plan to use that for my ..alternate... yahoo profile.

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