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yahoo email

By Jaqui ·
is blacklisted by spamcop.
went to reply to a peer contact reply this am and got a fatal error, blacklisted by spamcop.

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by dawgit In reply to yahoo email

or just that person? very interesting. I've been having problems with yahoo also, I thought it was just because I was in Germany. (2 yahoo accs in .de and 2 in .com, yes, it does make a difference) if you want, e-mail me to test it @ (almost oops) PM me, and I'll give you my @yahoo e-mail add.
(eddited to add: when I get up in the morn.)

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So are most free accounts

by Oz_Media In reply to yahoo email

Most free online accounts are blacklisted by someone. That's one reason our company doesn't accept dealer apps from people with free domains.

Blacklisting SHOULD only be a very small part of your spam filtering though, RBLS are so far from reliable it's not funny. I used to use a few RBLs as a third check in a spam system I setup, but only with VERY low weights to it so as not to topple good mail.

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by apotheon In reply to So are most free accounts

Blacklisting services are just a bad idea in general. They tend to result in an unacceptably high incidence of false positives.

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by Oz_Media In reply to blacklists

As a lightly weighted (second or third) check on a reliable antispam system, they are OKAY but need ot be carefully weighted and monitored for false positives.

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