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yahoo id hacked, can not login anymore

By it330_itw ·
I got an offiline msg from my friend on yahoo messenger to look at his photos. I had to login using my yahoo id and password in this site. I logged in but there were just my yahoo photos out there. I did not do anything after that.

A few hours later, now that I tried to access my yahoo account, I'm unable to login. Neither can I enter it using the "forgot the password option".

My yahoo id has been taken over and I do not know what to do. I have written to yahoo about it but doesn't look like it is going to help. Is there any ethical/non-ethical way of getting it back?

Please help

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

Well your first mistake was to log in with your User Name & Password. This has allowed your account to have it's password changed and effectively stolen from you.

As the new owner has complete control over the account now your only option is to create a new account and send messages to everyone on your mailing list to disregard any messages that they get from your old account or they to will be in the same position.


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by jdclyde In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

I would ask if you really had this happen, or are you the one trying to do this to others?

If you KNOW there is a link that will cause you to potentially lose your account or worse, why would you post it as a working post?

Also, the most obvious point, if you got this EMAIL and then LOST that email account, how do you still have the link?

You sir sound like a troll.

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by it330_itw In reply to

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

This is definitely the wrong place to go phishing for that kind of "help".

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by it330_itw In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

i dont want to do it to others it has happened to me. i dint get an email but an offiline msg on yahoo msg and ahd the link in my history so posted it so that ppl know such things happen and that they shudn't get into trouble.

i have written to yahoo telling them about the link and also my problem, lets see what happens.

wen i searched for such a porblem on the net i found this discussion forum in it. Also I remmember people writing (may not b in this forum) about softwares which can help retrieve a stolen account, obviously it can be used for hacking someone else's account as well but i can only give my word that i wudnt do such a thing. i dont need to and i feel its unethical.

if anyone can help in this regard it will be very helpful. more than financial info in my account, i have years of priceless memory in it.

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by jdclyde In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

If you would have been around longer than a week, you would know this is not a hacker site.

You will get no help hacking into a yahoo account, even if you say it is your own.

If Yahoo won't help you (which I find hard to believe if your story was true) then you will have to keep looking somewhere else.

This site is for working professionals, not hackers. While there are some here that COULD do what you want, they won't.

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This is happening and I dont think anyone is asking you to hack their pass

by dabilbrey2 In reply to

This happened to me also just yesterday. I recieved a message from a friend entered the user and pass and poof my information was changed. This is happening on a much broader scale than people realize I am learning. I have never had issues with yahoo but they have been useless with this situation. It appears if this happens you are screwed.

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by Tig2 In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

JD is absolutely right. One thing that I might suggest would be to do as HAL counseled. Create a new Yahoo ID. Make sure that you get the new address updated in as many places as you can. See if Yahoo would be willing to link your new ID to your original files.

Next, find yourself a firewall that works for you. I use Zone Alarm. Check your computer on a site that provides passive penetration testing to insure that you have nothing open. Run your anti virus software as well as your spy/malware checker. I personally scan every day because no one thing can keep you safe.

Please do understand that this is a discussion forum for folks that work in the industry. Not one of us would risk their professional reputation to try to restore your Yahoo account to you. Yahoo will make their best efforts on your behalf and they are the correct people to engage in this situation.

Final thought- if something is important to you, save it to a file on your hard drive and perform routine backups of critical files. This will keep you from losing important memories.

Good luck!

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by zimonar In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

No other choice to do. Just follow the 1st answer.

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by lee In reply to yahoo id hacked, can not ...

Hi people, I just needed to inform you that this story sounds quite true to me as it happened to me also. I logged onto Yahoo messenger and had an offline message with a link saying view my new photo's, as i have never had any issues with yahoo before(i dont do chat rooms!) i clicked the link, only to be directed to my own photo folder. I thought nothing of it and continued my day.The following morning i recieved this email...Your Yahoo! ID is: _______________________
Your password for this account has recently been changed. You don't
need to do anything, this message is simply a notification to protect
the security of your account.

Please note: your new password may take awhile to activate. If it
doesn't work on your first try, please try it again later.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. For further help or to contact support, please


Obviously, i tried to log in and could not, my password had been changed. i tried my secret answer and that also had been changed. So yes it is happening, I have informed my everyone i can to block my former ID.
Best regards to all.


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