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    Yahoo Mail


    by kokwee_1867 ·

    Can i configure Yahoo mail in Outlook Express ?
    I’m using free version yahoo 100MB
    Pls help and will be awarded …

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      by babslo ·

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      You probably cant as the feature is only enable for a subscribe user, yahoo wont allow u if you are a free user.

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      by diptanshu ·

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      There’s this little software that you need to download and install, called Yahoopops!

      It sits in your system tray and connects the Yahoo! server and Outlook email client.

      You need to configure Yahoopops, which is easy. Once installed read the help file… its illustrated and has step-by-step instructions.

      Then you need to configure Outlook

      1. Select Tools -> Email accounts from the main menu

      2. Select Add a new email account and click on Next

      3. Select POP3 as the Server Type. Click Next

      4. Enter your username and full Yahoo! email address under ‘User Information’

      5. Enter your Yahoo! Login id and password under ‘Logon Information’

      6. Enter ‘localhost’ as your Incoming mail server

      7. Enter ‘localhost’ as the Outgoing mail server

      8. Click on the More Settings button and select the Advanced tab

      9. Increase the Server Timeout to ‘Long’ (5 minutes)

      10. Select the Outgoing Server tab

      11. Enable “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”. Select “Log on using” and enter your Yahoo Mail address as the username and your Yahoo Mail password as the password.

      12. Click Ok to close the More Settings dialog

      13. Click Next and then Finish

      That’s it. Best of luck.

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      by kokwee_1867 ·

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