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    Yahoo Mail – Netscape 4.77


    by hramsch ·

    Suddenly I cannot print Mail I receive ( or sent for that matter). A popup tells me,
    ” There are no pages to print ”
    I worked with Yahoo Mail in a NetscapeBrowser
    for years without problem.
    The only idea I have is a conflict between
    Netscape 4.77 and 6.2(which I installed recently to try)
    Any ideas?

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      Yahoo Mail – Netscape 4.77

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Yahoo Mail – Netscape 4.77

      Did the problem show up only afer you installed Netscape 6.2?

      If so, I think your on the correct track.

      I installed 6.2 on a seperate partition just to be sure that it wouldn’t conflict with, or wipe out 4.77.

      I would try upgrading to 4.79,or re-installing 4.77. 4.79 is just the latest version of Netscape 4.xx so it will not change the look or feel of the browser.

      I notice pages loading slower with 6.2 than with either 4.79 or IE 6.

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