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    yahoo messenger


    by ambrz ·

    Can anyone tell me what my friend used to view my alias buddy names in my yahoo messenger?. He does not use my pc and lives the other side of the world!. He left me a message in every name I use lol.I only contact him under one name so how did he manage to find them out?.

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      by kiltie ·

      In reply to yahoo messenger

      There are some illegal hacker/cracker tools and sites out there, and NO, I am NOT going to point you to them.

      Besides, he may have used a simpler way, eg if you use a weak password, such as girlfriends name, he only needs to guess the one, and all the other aliases are available for him as well.

      Change your password to something stronger, at least 8 characters, with a mix of upper lower case, numeric digits and signs, but it may be too late now.

      I, personally, would discard that ID, now it has been compromised, and create a new one.

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