Yahoo messenger restricted

By greatminds_18 ·
In my workplace Yahoo messenger is restricted we have to use meebo insteed of yahoo messenger, i have broadband LAN connection at workplace & i have windows XP on my computer.
tell me how can i access yahoo messenger?

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So, you want to get fired?

by TheChas In reply to Yahoo messenger restrict ...

So, you would like us to help you violate your company Internet usage policy and possibly get fired in the process?


Yahoo is likely blocked at the network server connection to the Internet. If so, the only way to use it would be to connect your computer to a different network that is not restricted. Of course, that would create a security breach and would be just as much a reason for the company to let you go as finding a way around the Yahoo restriction.

What this boils down to, is the Internet connection where you work is under the full control of the company you work for. It is their right to restrict how the connection is used. It is your responsibility to follow the rules set by your company for Internet usage.

Besides, you should not be chatting with your friends while you are working.


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Tell us where you work

by jdclyde In reply to Yahoo messenger restrict ...

and we will talk to your admin about how they should let you use yahoo instead of trying to hack around it.

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Hello greatminds_18

by w2ktechman In reply to Yahoo messenger restrict ...

Let me explain this delicately,
Your work has likely blocked Yahoo messenger because of security issues. Since they control THEIR network, it is up to IT security to figure out what needs to be blocked, and what is OK to let through.

If you have a valid reason for needing Yahoo msgr, then by all means, place a request to have it un-blocked. But do not get your hopes up because requests like this need a good valid business reason.

Even if your data on the company net is not worth much, a breach into the comapanies infrastructure could cost Millions of $$$ to the company, and let company confidential info out onto the net. Companies just cannot take this chance without valid justification.

Posting a question like this here is equally as bad, as it can easily be seen as you are trying to put your company at risk for personal convenience/pleasure.
I hope that I have stated this without insult to you, as I can be quite rude (especially recently) and that was not intended for most of this post.

Now, as delicately as I can put it...


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I realize

by ganyssa In reply to Yahoo messenger restrict ...

that to the user (and even occasionally to the admins) that restrictions can sometimes look like too much paranoia. But I work at a company that restricts heavily our internet traffic in all forms, including Yahoo messenger. The company I work for is in an industry that is heavily-regulated by the federal and state (US and Michigan) governments. The restrictions we have in place are the way we have chosen to meet the legal requirements we are under to protect the information that we have at our disposal.

Is this why your workplace is restricting your access? I have no idea. But I can tell you that an attempt to go around our restrictions would open you up to serious consequences, that could easily go as far as termination of employment. Is talking to your friends from work really worth your job? We may be paranoid, or we may have a point, but until the company's IT policy changes, if you attempt to breach the restriction, you will be the one to pay the price for it.

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