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YAIP (Yet Another Installation Problem)

By mstefanus ·
These last few days I've trying to install Linux on my P100 computer with no luck. The computer is a Digital Multia, an old Thin Client, originally it has a 1GB HD and 16MB memory.. but recently a friend gave me some extra memory and I installed an old 3GB Quantum drive in it. The first time I got it, I installed RedHat 6.2 on it, it was fine, then later I installed Windows 98 on it (which is also running fine despite Windows' quirks). It served the internet well as I might say.. but then I wanted a webserver with PHP, CGI and mySQL server.. so I did the upgrade. But since the upgrade I've not been able to install Linux on it, I tried the latest RedHat and Mandrake.. but somehow the installation always fails during while copying files, it shows some junks on the screen and then stops. I suspected the memory and ran memtest86 on it, turned out fine.. ran some disk check with Partition Magic, no problems.. Where does the problem lies then? A friend suggested that the installation alwaysfails because I have an old system and todays Linux installer are only compatible with new systems, he told me to install an old version of linux. Is this true? I cant make any sense of it.. installer are suppose to be compatible with all systems (above minimum system requirements) and I want to install the latest distro, so I dont have to upgrade, install this and that again. Any help guys on this? Thanks.

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YAIP (Yet Another Installation Problem)

by mledauphin In reply to YAIP (Yet Another Install ...

It would be a long answer but your can try this step by step :
1) Install windows (If you need it) on a 1 Gb partition
1b) when you use fdisk, don't use the entire disk, but just what you need for windows
2) install Linux, using the rest of the disks, create your partitions with diskdruid (mandrake) or any graphic tool on linux
2b) don't forget the swap partition (about 2xRAM)

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by pwassink In reply to YAIP (Yet Another Install ...

seems memory related, rh 6.2 is using small-installer, current have minimum of 64 Megs i believe, sounds your new installer is screaming for more memory. mention amount of mem in comment so we could be more exact in determing cause will help


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