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Yalp: The Guantlet

By areets ·
The Gauntlet

The next few poetic lyrics are statements not of theory
or plural,
so take an epidural once and for all, stand tall,
gather in the mall, the gauntlet has fall.
Wicked pretence!
But do remember Paul?
He overhauls, not cars, so welcome,
I?ll show you stars.
Night and day, so are you ready? Let?s play.
I?ll state a fact, you?ll counteract.
Track and play from the pack.
Clues, simple rules!
So LET to accept I?m the best but try a test but one for the contest.
Gauntlet with all intent and time is no different,
so build a web, help, be ready like uncle Fred.
His children said.
Remember not the dread.
You see you fools, now you know the rules.
Read all and remember to stand tall.
Though prepare to fall therefore remember Paul.
Justice for all!
So add a rule, it?s cool.
Slim Shady, don?t jaw rule.
Dr. Dre don?t keep him away.
You hear what I say.
The gauntlet is here to stay.
24/7, it is heaven.
7 faiths that must relate.
They?ll take out hate, 6 is the value on the plate.
Do I complicate then this is the date, now ready at the gate.
Use my lyric and state that?s a pirate.
But I?ll facilitate because you become a bait that?s not of the faiths.
So what do I speak of?
The doves, the devil, D12.
D to the power of 3, so come to me.
I?ve got the magic wand and magical guns.
Ra tat tat know the monkey is on your back.
Who is that?
The nigga with the sack.
Left Jack at the back, Brown on the ground.
So don?t start counting.
You lost the beat or something?
Ring a ding ding, which female will sing?
You feel the sting but I?ve got no rings.
That?s questioning things.
Topics make it your lyrics.
DJ, play the mix.
The gauntlet is now at 6.

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