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Hunker down, Australia.

Don't forget to blame PM Gillard for this. And don't forget your eight-point <A HREF="">emergency checklist</A>, either.

Sorry that many of you were already soaked. Best wishes.

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I'm hoping

by PurpleSkys In reply to Yasi

most folks get "outta Dodge" before it hits...stay safe

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It's coz

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Yasi

he spoke against Israel, innit?

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No it's because PM Gillard

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yasi

Wants to introduce a Big New Tax to help pay for the floods.

Tony Rabbit said so, so it must be true. Couldn't be related to Global Warming as T Rabbit has insisted that GW is Crap. I just hope that some of the strongest supporters of this get to experience first hand a Cyclone of this Intensity so far inland, but if they did they would have their hands out demanding money from the government to rebuild.

But saying that I'm glad I'm not up north. The fringes that we'll get here which is just rain is more than enough for my liking and while I have lived through several cyclones in the past this one is BIG. I don't want to be a part of it at all.


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Funny about names...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to No it's because PM Gillar ...

We get around 200 cyclones a year... which means just 200 low pressures passing with associated swirlywhirlies...
I guess it's all about surroundings, cyclones are probably nastier when coming straight out of the big ocean?

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Meteorological term

by neilb@uk In reply to Funny about names...

We get anticyclones this side of the Equator - low pressure areas - that spin anticlockwise and so hence the name. In the Southern Hemisphere, they go the other way and so....cyclones.

Anticyclones over a certain speed get to be tropical storms and then hurricanes. North of the Equator if the circulation is closed. We - or you - don't get that type of storm because the sea is too cold to pump in the energy.

Aussie Cyclones - which arise in the warm South Pacific - are their equivalent to Northern hurricanes and they call them Typhoons as well. Typhoon Yasi was a bit stronger than Katrina when it hit land and quite a bit bigger across. Between Cat 4 and 5.

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I'm glad to hear that you'll be ok

by AV . In reply to No it's because PM Gillar ...

I wouldn't want to be preparing for a Cyclone. Stay safe.


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It's a cover, though

by NexS In reply to No it's because PM Gillar ...

A tax that everyone pays to sponsor only one portion of Australia is crap. Utter crap.
It's got to be a cover. Labour spent all that money during the recession and they need to get it back somehow.

Otherwise the new tax is crap.

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So what about

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's a cover, though

JWH's Gun Buy Back Levy, Fuel Tax that went to the aircraft users are two that spring to mind that where supported by Tony Rabbit? The Gun Buy Back Levy as a Crime against History with all of the Historic Weapons destroyed, not to mention a Massive waste of Tax Payers Money where industries where setup to make things much cheaper than what the government where willing to pay to get Legal guns off the streets.

Oh and I've yet to see any of those on the Labour Side of things running around in Bullet Proof Vests because they fear the AU Citizens, unlike JWH who was terrified of those he Pi$$ed Off. :0

Personally if you ask me the best polly is a dead polly but we first need to make them suffer as much as they made us suffer when they where in power so I say Torture the lot not to death but Extension.

TA is just as big a Hypocrite as any of the others with his hand constantly out asking for things. The latest is Money to advertise agings this new proposed Tax. If the Libs did so well why where they outed at an election where their current leader and Prime Monster was not returned in his seat?

Yea they was loved but unfortunately not to death.


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by NexS In reply to So what about

It took me some time to decipher the puns, but I see what you mean.

In all honesty, what I, or you, or Joe next door thinks on the matter - as long as the Powers remain the Powers, they'll decide what happens. If they want the vote fixed, it'll get fixed, I'm sure.

I don't make the rules, I am just forced to follow them, until I become a vigilante.
Then, and only then may you call me Batman.

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OK so it's now official.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yasi

The First death as a result of Yasi was a 23 year old male who was sheltering in a sealed room with a Dirty Big Diesel Generator who suffered Carbon Monoxide inhalation.

Some people just can not be told what not to do and have any sense.


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