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By Jaqui ·
it raining today.
first rain in a month for me.

oddly, the rain that has been hitting the area for the last bit, missed the locale I'm in.
My neighbour doing a delivery [ he delivers for Grand and Toy, Office supplies ] to the Burnaby Works Yard [ 1 mile away from home ] was rained on there, yet there was no rain here.

massive downpour on the finally of the festival of light last weekend, no rain here.

watching the north shore get socked in with mass rainstorms, clear, sunny and hot here.
feels good to finally have the air washed clean.

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by dawgit In reply to yay!

Now, are you out there dancing in the rain?

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by Jaqui In reply to Yippi...

just came back in.

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by dawgit In reply to :D

I was doing that the day before yesterday.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to :D

but did you dance naked in the rain?

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by Jaqui In reply to Yeh,

naw, the neighbours hot sister wasn't around.

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Good stuff.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to yay!

We had a good April and May, but this summer has been hot and dry. I did get 6 / 10th of an inch last night (appx 1.6 cm for you metric heathens).

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More than our share here...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Good stuff.

In the Charleston area, the norm this summer has been mid to upper 90s during the day with Splash & Dash downpours for a short period in the early evening.
But yesterday, there were flash flood warnings and some places recorded 5 or more inches. I was on the Don Holt bridge at around 5:30 and thought for a moment I was on the fringe of a tornado - zero visibility with high, gusting winds and vertical sheets of rain.

I ain't complainin', tho. I still love the weather here.
gotta learn to love that liquid sunshine.

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for here

by Jaqui In reply to Good stuff.

it was fairly damp and cool until the end of June [ June 21 is finally started getting warm ], then it was dry and hot.

it's normal really, June 21 to August 7-15 is hot and dry.
but when the wet does come back it feels so good.

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A song for you

by AV . In reply to yay!
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broken link

by Jaqui In reply to A song for you

since youtube doesn't work without flash.

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