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Yeah, no kidding...

By _Papa_ ·
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Don't foget Disney's other hero

by _Papa_ In reply to Yeah, no kidding...

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier. Kilt him a bar when he was only three.
But most of us aren't frontiersmen, and there are few bears likely to attack us. But there ARE plenty of muggers who have little regard for the life of their victim. They may find another occupation if they think their mark might be able to fight back HARD. That's the whole idea behind carrying an effective deterrent. Even those who don't carry will be somewhat more safe.

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I am starting to get the feeling...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Don't foget Disney's othe ...

that all the energy wasted on arguing for and against the 2nd amendment in its current interpretation would be better spent on doing something about the crime.
Why the **** is it just accepted as immutable fact?
Privately held guns are a treatment for symptoms of the crime, not for the source - and will do nothing to curb it, only shift it from one place to another.
Why aren't you all working on the disease in stead?
Maybe gun control people should declare a one-sided ceasefire, declare that for twenty years nothing will be done to increase gun control, all so that this energy and passion can be used to create an atmosphere less conducive to violent crime. The guns are a perfect distraction, everybody is just arguing about whether they help or hinder crime. Forget about that _****. People are the problem, fix the culture.

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Culture fixer-upper

by santeewelding In reply to I am starting to get the ...

Predicts boundary in chronology and emergence. Predicts hanging beaten and naked by your ankle from a lamp post.

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If so,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I am starting to get the ...

then it's no different from the resources wasted instead of solving other problems.

Here in SC, the legislature recently passed a law requiring a voter to have a photo ID to prevent voting fraud. Let's leave aside the necessity of this law. Civil rights organizations say the law discriminates against the 180,000 voters with no picture ID. I wonder if the money those organizations are spending on lawsuits to fight this would more effectively used. They could pay for rides to get those voters to where the IDs could be made. They could pay to dig up the documentation those voters may need as requirements for a photo ID.

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I agree Ansu...

by JCitizen In reply to Yeah, no kidding...

one of the things I always hammer on about, is why don't we control the criminal? Seems like we've completely forgot the justice system, and the fact that is does work. If they want to work on prevention, they need to pass a law that the criminally insane take their meds! Why is that any worse than throwing them in jail? As long as they use due process to determine who is criminally insane, then it isn't any different than any other law, except they may have not violated any other law yet.

The parameters to detecting and identifying nutters about to go crazy, should have a high legal threshold of course; but I'm not talking about throwing them in prison; just giving them a choice to take their damn meds or end up in an institution!

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