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Yeah, yeah; you're all old

By JJFitz ·
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My first computer was a Lite Brite. :) (nt)

by JJFitz In reply to Yeah, yeah; you're all ol ...
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That's way too new for me you Youngsters with your Modern Play Toys

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My first computer was a L ...

Need to grow up and use some real computers. :^0


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Thanks for that Col, I had been having second thoughts about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to That's way too new for me ...

mentioning the abacus I used to use to check the working of the old IBM 360 system with 1403 chain printers (damn those things were fast) and the truck loads of peripherals they needed.

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Well DE when I was little

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for that Col, I ha ...

I had a abacus to work out the Family's Budget.

I got so good on that that I could do the calculations faster than a IBM 360.

Actually i was pretty good with that till I discovered the potential of Electromagnets. I figured if a battery made a decent field just how much stronger I could make it with Mains Power. I then learned all about Inductance from that first experiment which sent my father through the roof. :^0

He took the 3 Pin Plug and lead off me and I wasn't allowed to play with it again. Unknown to him I had more which he never discovered though I did start using Insulation Tape to make it part way safe and I did go through a lot of Enameled Copper Wire.


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you sound as bad as me Col,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Well DE when I was little

I must have been about ten when I broke the lounge in the middle. I had the television turned around and was looking at it's guts when I reached in to move something for a better look. My arm touched something and I flew across the room to slam into the lounge. A big old thing from the late 1950s, and I hit hard enough to break it in the middle. I was damn lucky not to break my back - Dad thought I must have hit head first to do so much damage. Next time I looked at the back of a TV I turned it off and unplugged it first.

The IBM 1403 printers were so damn good the company I worked for in the 1980s were still providing third party maintenance on the damn things for Qantas and a few other companies.

I did spend a few years in the late 1970s working a punch card machine and taking a trolley full of boxes of punch cards over to the CDC computer centre in North Sydney to run through their computer for us.

edit to add - I nearly forgot, it's been so long since I used an abacus, I'm not sure I could even hold it now, let alone hold it the right way up. Due to Oldtimers I'd probably want to hold it sideways and wonder why it don't work.

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And then there where Slide Rules

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to you sound as bad as me Co ...

They are what I can no longer remember how to use. Sure the simple Multiplication and Division are easy but the rest of the Functions on the one I used to use when I was doing Mech Engineering and then when I was at Kadatcha I couldn???t live without that Slide Rule.

I still have it around in a drawer with it???s Destruction Manual but today it???s about as useful as Teats on a Bull.


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****, I can't even remember where I last SAW my slide rule,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And then there where Slid ...

it was my father's before me, and I ain't seen it in over 15 years, mind you, I also got boxes of gear I packed up over twenty years ago and haven't opened since I packed them - moved house way too often while married and been to busy since.

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I also got a bunch of old AWA bakelite valve radios,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And then there where Slid ...

they all still work if you're interested in buying one. The reception they get on the Am band is so much better than a modern radio. I must get out and clean up the old mid 1950s valve Kreisler TV I still got and see if it still gets them good old shows I sued to watch.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to And then there where Slid ...

you might fall into... the twilight zone!

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Sorry Ansu, I can't fall into the Twilight Zone anymore

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And then there where Slid ...

as they kicked me out for causing a disturbance the last two times I was there. They REALLY hate having a disturbance in the Zone.

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