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    Year of the Linux operating system is here.


    by peconet tietokoneet ·

    Why are a load of people “bash”ing Linux? (pun intended). 🙂
    Linux is a sort of basic custom made model, if you want extra then do some coding (or learn it) and make it how you want it, but do not bash it just because it has not got what you want.
    To make Linux to suit yourself and your business you will have to learn a little more of the code that it is wrapped around.

    Linux has been around a long time and is very stable.

    Linux can be downloaded for nearly next to nothing and people still complain.

    To me Linux is a custom car (or lorry) and you can add on your own pieces (code).

    Windows operating system is like a Bus, just there to catch and go for a price.

    So, if you want Linux to run better and how you want it, then code it, do not moan about it.

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      Just bought the expansion pack for dragon age on PC

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Year of the Linux operating system is here.

      It was on sale on steam, and its pretty good, so far I have recruited 3 new wardens.

      Sorry, no time for your Windows bashing, I got games to play, programs to make, images to fiddle with and home movies to finish. But you have fun reinventing the wheel over and over.

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      Year of the ‘Year of Linux’ proclamation.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Year of the Linux operating system is here.

      PT, I don’t have anything against Linux myself.

      What I’m tired of hearing is repeated claims that “199x / 20xx is going to be the year Linux finally ‘breaks through’, ‘conquers the desktop / enterprise / world’, etc.”. Bull.

      Say, here’s a notion: why don’t all these half-baked prognosticators wait until after it’s been accomplished and then declare, “Look at last year! Linux finally took off!” They’ve been crying ‘Penguin!’ for years, but the waterfowl seem to prefer their server and embedded ice floes. No sign of them around here, but this is pretty far inland in both physical and technological terms.

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        I am not arguing “is Window better than linux”…

        by peconet tietokoneet ·

        In reply to Year of the ‘Year of Linux’ proclamation.

        Linux is used by choice.

        All i am saying is that Linux can be used if you want to learn code. If not then stick with Windows.
        I am a bit peeved off with that saying, “the year of the Linux”, when Linux has been around for years and it does a good job if you do not mind doing a bit of code.

        I am just trying to clarify that Linux is here for the masses if they desire to use it.

        You use what ever operating system you want through choice depending on your work.
        I have a person who still uses Windows 3.1 but they do not have the disks, but i have, so now and again i have to re-install their system.
        I like to use Linux through choice, not because someone says so. I am just highlighting the fact that Linux can be used if people want to use it on their system.

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