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Yes, I have

By randall.d.gibson ·
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Murder is condemned?

by randall.d.gibson In reply to Yes, I have

Exodus 32. Because the Israelites had turned to worshipping an idol (a non-accepted religion) Moses had the Levites execute "his brother and friend and neighbor", killing around 3,000 people.
I have read what you refer to in the Koran, and agree it can be taken as direction to commit murder or even mass murder. But I have also read the Bible, where the first and most important commandment is "Thou shalt have no other god before Me." Variations of that statement are all through the Bible, and it is pretty easy to adapt that to a policy of no tolerance and extermination. Also realize that any version of any publication currently in print was written by men, translated by men, and influenced by the political powers that be. How many books have been cut because the powers that be didn???t like the message? I'm not saying that the Bible wasn't inspired by God. I do believe that it was, and my belief is that the Koran was not. However, I don't believe that any version currently in print is still 100% true to the original word and intent of God.
FYI, I am a retired Marine. I believe and live by the quotes that you presented about the price of liberty. It is an unfortunate fact that man is a cruel and power hungry creature. Anyone not willing to fight to be free will not remain free. But that is not a religion; it is just one of the cruel facts of life.

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Sounds like

by mudpuppy1 In reply to Murder is condemned?

Moses went a little beyond where he should have gone. In fact, he talked God out of destroying the whole bunch and then he orders the execution of 3000 of them. But then, that could be compared today to the state ordering the execution of criminals, although a bit extreme. So, in one way it was murder, in another it wasn't.

The commandment "Thou shalt not kill" can be more accurately be translated as "Thou shalt not murder" proving your point about translating by men. Lawful executions by the state are normally not murder. Men are fallible and will mess up from time to time. I agree that the Bible was inspired by God and the Koran was not.

By the way, I'm retired Air Force. Thank you for your service to the country.

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