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On one hand, I've read the horror stories of those poor wretches who installed this software and then, not only didn't it work right, or become compatable with existing OS, or save existing bookmarks, or etc, etc, but it also refused to be un-installed completely, causing even more issues later...

On the other hand, some of the more high-tech inter-acive sites I visit (and use regularly) have prohibited me from all user participation; whether it's leaving comments, editing or sometimes even viewing webpages, and other stuff, and all because I've refused to upgrade to the latest browser software, which their site is now config. to interact with only. In other words I'm obsolete now, and even one of my most-popular free-email accts online won't work right (on my pc or my mobile phone) because it doesnt recognize log-in procedures on older browsers. This is what the co. techs and service reps all keep saying to me: "Upgrade your software, dude!" (Yeah, they sound just like that, for the most part, making me feel even older than I am.)
I know, it's supposed to support more-secure on-line activity, and blah, blah, but I don't catr to being nagged everywhere I go online to UPGRADE YOUR BROWSER NOW!!

So, my oh-so-informed tekkies, I bow before the fount of not popular opinion, but to the the all-knowing wisdom of U who reside here on the MT. of All-Things PC (not mac) for answers and solutions BEFORE they become problems and issues.... Again I pose my question before you: What is the wisest couse of action? IE-8: To INSTALL or NOT to INSTALL?
(on xp-home ed. vsn 2, w/svc pk III, w/504MB of RAM 2.53GHz, PentIV. (??????)

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Whose computer are you sitting in front of ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to YES or NO: INSTALL IE-8?

If it belongs to YOU, then you and only you should be deciding what is installed on its HDD and only you should be installing what YOU want - screw the rest of the world.

If there are sites online that you can't login to due to your not having kept up with the Jones's by upgrading to the latest and greatest (and very possibly the WORST) then - do you honestly think it's because these sites are technically superior?

I dunno about you but that sort of cliched insistance strikes me as being a bit childish.

Personally I run my home computer network the way I see fit and, barring Windows 7 RC, I've never upgraded anything until I myself saw the need to.

But if it is more important for you to impress these so-called tech-heads by complying with their wishes - go right ahead.

I presume they'll have all the answers for you when you become another entry in the list of system users whose computer crashed because of installing something it didn't like? I hope you have a second system you can contact them on when it all goes t|ts up.

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Depends on who's computers they are

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to YES or NO: INSTALL IE-8?

If they are yours and you are sure that you can Roll Out Infernal Exploder 8 then you welcome to try but if they are used for a business and are used to make money or at the very least help run that business then the Software Update needs testing on similar hardware/Software combinations before any deployment is considered.

But from past experience if I can not test first before deploying I don't consider it useful to roll out. Way too much work involved with tight deadlines to attempt this.


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being a turtle is not so bad

by computechdan In reply to Depends on who's computer ...

if it ain't broke don't fix it

i have this war with clients all the time wanting to waste time n money keeping up with the jone's

if your browser suits your needs then there is no reason to mess with it

experience has taught me that the better approach is to wait until an upgrade is nearly unavoidable. kinda like like not buying "brand new car" let the other fella wear some of the new off it and benefit from his lack of patience

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Yep the Bleeding Edge can be very painful

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to being a turtle is not so ...

And Extremely Unreliable not to mention Horrendously Expensive in both repair costs and lost production.

For Business at least, though Home Users are not so much affected when things just break.

But as they are the Official M$ Beta Testers for Business we should tank them for their endeavors it makes our lives so much easier.


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by .Martin. In reply to Yep the Bleeding Edge can ...

don't you go driving no tank near me!

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up to you

by .Martin. In reply to YES or NO: INSTALL IE-8?

depending on where and how you will use it depends on the answer.

in the end though, you are the one that has to make the choice.

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