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    Yes We Have No Bananas


    by the young one ·

    Yes We Have No Bananas – Microsoft Group Policy.

    A little observation that must be an initiative by Microsoft to increase awareness and the English Literacy of IT Pro’s…

    Whilst looking through settings in Group Policy…I have been subjected to mind numbing mental blocking settings that I cannot get my head around after building an SOE and then troubleshooting a Default User Profile…

    here goes…an example:

    Do Not Show The Control Panel in Start Menu

    Does anyone else see a problem with the logic here?

    Yes We Have No Bananas

    Bill doesn’t speak english
    YES / NO

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      by nexed ·

      In reply to Yes We Have No Bananas

      I think someone should invent a Microsoft dictionary and thesaurus. (THIS IDEA IS COPYRIGHTED, AND I WILL SUE YOU LIKE MICROSOFT IF YOU USE IT, hah the irony.)

      They really need to hire an English major.

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        by generalist ·

        In reply to Microshaft

        I’ve said for years that computer documentation specialists, expecially Microsoft’s, should use a thesaurus to develop their Help screens and documentation indexes. They seem to assume that ‘everybody’ uses they same terms they do.

        As a result, if you are looking for something and you don’t know the terminology used by the documentation specialists, you may only find it by luck or the use of a really good thesaurus.

        Another option would be the use of a ‘language’ dictionary. Imagine having a Microsoft/American or Apple/Microsoft translation. Or, for that matter, a Win98/WinXP crossreference.

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      Reply To: Yes We Have No Bananas

      by wyrmlord ·

      In reply to Yes We Have No Bananas

      Hah the multiple negation… got to love it :-))) Actually, this is becoming more and more prevalent in MANY areas. Recently, our company had a training in EQ organized and one of the pitfalls was just that. Anyhow, IMHO the best way to understand this kind of statement is to read it aloud and say if you AGREE/DISAGREE. Works the same as YES/NO but helps to avoid double or triple negations…
      good luck and be brave 🙂

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