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You do not have permission to send to this recipient

By cfrait ·
I am getting very frustrated. I have Exchange 2003 with users set-up to only accept e-mail from authenticated users. I also have a block on the SMTP server to not allow these users to relay messages (this is all by design to ensure that these users stay within the organization but can't e-mail each other).

For 5 of these users, I have allowed them to e-mail each other by setting them up to only accept e-mail from authenticated users and everyone except the list below (which I have the remaining users in a group which I listed). This has worked great for the past 3 years in meeting requirements.

Now, however, when these users try to send e-mail, they just started to get the error: "You do not have permission to send to this recipient". If I have the users login via OWA, they can send to the needed users without issue as designed, but when using outlook express, they get the NDR.

It seems odd that it works through OWA but not outlook express. I see the notices going through the exchange logs, so I know the messages are hitting the server...

Anyone have any ideas? I am completely stumped.


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Why on earth would anyone work for you?

by JackOfAllTech In reply to You do not have permissio ...

Why are you bothering? It's stupid rules like this that actually hinder productivity and foster resentment among employees.

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Same thought

by santeewelding In reply to You do not have permissio ...

You are either caught between the rock and a hard place, or, you are an *** hole.

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It's a requirement, not my decision

by cfrait In reply to You do not have permissio ...

While I completely agree with your sentiments, this is the requirement in front of me, like it or not. Not my call. This is an argument I have lost with upper management. We run restaurants and they don't want the managers in the office messing with e-mail.

I appreciate your thoughts but would prefer some positive assistance in solving this dilemma.

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