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You don't need to know the commands to maintain your Cisco Router

By Amnesia7070 ·
Infact, you don't need at all to remember the Cisco Commands to manage your routers.

With the Infosim, StableNet ARC (Advance Router Configurations). All the configurations and backing-up are simply automated. Not to mention, you can also monitor your Traffic Live!

Download the software from

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My Comment.

by road-dog In reply to You don't need to know th ...

I don't buy from SPAM....I don't buy from telemarketing.... I don't buy from loser scumbag a$$hole douchebags who advertise their products in discussion forums.

Get your lazy *** away from the computer and go pound the pavement to sell your wares.

It's obvious that you aren't here to read anything, as a fair amount of traffic relates to the labor market. Now you want to try to sell products here that promise to eliminate jobs.

Know your customer... I can tell you this; if your product can set up a Cisco router, then sell it to Cisco. If it's worth a squirt of ****, then Cisco would bundle it.

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Thank You Raod-Dog

by JackOfAllTech In reply to My Comment.

That was so eloquently put, I could not have said it better myself.


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Sorry, Forgot To Spell-Check

by JackOfAllTech In reply to My Comment.

Sorry Road-Dog for spelling your name wrong.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to My Comment.

Should I take it you are not going to check this program out then R-D? :)

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The road-dog declines

by road-dog In reply to

These postings really torque me, as they are the equivalent of some phlegmball walking up on a conversation on the street, interrupting, and handing out unsolicited business cards.

It's bad enough that spammers and telemarketers are wasting our time and resources. Discussion forums need to be vigorously policed, with these clowns' threads immediately deleted and their user accounts revoked.

If I thought it would accomplish anything, I'd send their sales department an email telling them that their postings are ultimately destructive to their marketing efforts. Maybe if the offending salesmonkey got his hat handed to him, the rest of them would demonstrate better form.

To put the jingoistic right wing spin on this, I don't buy from companies that don't even have an office in this country either....

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Give 'em el Dawg!

by mrbill- In reply to The road-dog declines

I checked his profile, this is his only posting.

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