you have security problem at system tray

By ranjankumarsgh ·
I have vista PC. I m getting "you have security problem" at my system tray in every few seconds.
As well after few second it automaticall open a web page of Antivirus 2009.
Pls give right sloution to get rid of permanent.
Or how to remove it manually .or from registry.

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You have a VIRUS

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to you have security problem ...

You have a virus and it's a very nasty one too. You may end up loosing all of your documents and having to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Please research how to remove the virus named Antivirus 2009. There are no easy solutions. Many steps are required to attempt to rid your computer of this virus, if it's even possible at all.

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God thats a nasty one....

by ---TK--- In reply to You have a VIRUS

I would recommend backing up the data, and reinstalling Vista....

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My thoughts exactly!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to God thats a nasty one....

I recently attempted to get that nasty thing out of my Son's computer to no avail. Maybe I was too impatient, but it had done so much damage that I just gave up and wiped/reinstalled. That'll teach him!

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Anti-virus 2009

by dwalser In reply to God thats a nasty one....

I agree that it is a nasty virus, but you do not have to wipe your hard drive and reformat. Several of the antivirus programs will now delete this virus. One of the software programs that will accomplish this is Norton Internet Security 2009. I cleaned it off my drive by using a combination of free downloads from Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, ThreatFire, and Spybot - Search & Destroy. I found the answer by cruising several of the techie web sites. It took several of the freeware downloads (through CNet Downloads) along with rebooting, and eventually repairing my OS (Windows XP Home w/SP2).

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Exactly my point....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Anti-virus 2009

Yes, you can get rid of it, eventually. But, it's going to take lots of time and technical expertise to do it. Removing it isn't for the faint of heart. And, you're still left with a system you need to 'repair'. Even then, are you absolutely sure you've found all of the damage it caused? Only time will tell. Personally, I would trust that it's completely fixed. I would back up my documents and format the drive. But, that's just me. My time is more presious than my customized settings that I can rebuild.

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My Thoughts Exactly - It has got Many flavors of Nasty

by jbhurwitz In reply to Exactly my point....

This one comes in Antivirus 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 and each one has its own variants. It's the nastiest thing I have seen in sometime. I have seen this virus try to get into my computer from ad servers from web sites like and the like. It starts with You have a virus or somthing like that and you are then supposed to click on something. Clicking on anything once you get this screen (including the X) will almost certainly download the virus to your computer. We've found that it's actually safer to pull the RJ45 or Plug on your computer before you do anything else when you get one of these messages. Once this thing is on your machine it embeds itself all over the place. It's not fun to track down.

You can research this on the web. Some of the solutions work some of the time, none of them work all of the time. So unless you have a lifetime or weeks on end to play with this computer, the best thing to do is get your data off the machine - that is if you don't already have a backup and do a factory restore.

If you don't have a backup of your data, and the computer is really acting badly the easiest way to get the data off is to pull the hard drive and put it on another machine as a slave. Then go through the drive and pull your data off that way. BTW, I have sometimes been able to find and disable the virus with the drive as a slave as well. In Vista, your data should be in the user folder in the root of the drive. I would still look around the drive for any out of the ordinary data if you are using any programs that are out of the ordinary.

Once you know that you have your data off, then put the hard drive back in your machine and do a MFG's factory restore. Your user manual should tell you how to do that for your machine. Do the complete restore do not save anything or you will not be sure that the blasted thing is gone.

Your time is definately worth more than the time it will take to get this thing off your machine.

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I have to disagree that it takes so much time.

by swhitlow.public In reply to My Thoughts Exactly - It ...

I currently encounter this virus probably 5 or 6 times a week on various client systems. I have had a lot of success completely removing the virus using only Malwarebytes. I install the program, install the updates, run a Quick Scan in Safe Mode, and then a full scan after rebooting into normal mode. Even with a heavily infected system this process takes no more than two hours. How many of us can back up all of our data, wipe and reload windows, and restore our data (after a virus scan on the backup to ensure we're not just re-infecting the system) in two hours? And then there is the time required to reinstall all of your applications and redo all of your customizations.

Following this procedure I have not had a single system become reinfected that wasn't caused by the users doing the same thing they did to get the virus in the first place.

The only time I ever go to a full reload is when the system has been so completely damaged by the virus that it will no longer even boot to the desktop. I have only come across that three times in the last couple months.

Reloading Windows isn't a bad thing on occasion, and is sometimes a requirement when things get really bad. Too often, though, I see techs that are too quick to choose a reload for the wrong reasons.

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So many ideas to act upon.

by megamanx In reply to I have to disagree that i ...

My friend had the virus too. I just used A-squared free, and installed Avira free version. They both did the trick. So when in doubt also check online scanners for free scans, now I don't want to throw all my tricks out there, just don't act like there isn't any hope.

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More tips

by LittlrocKr In reply to You have a VIRUS

Here is one website with useful info on Antivirus 2009:

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Easy solution available

by Ken Dwight In reply to You have a VIRUS

I agree with the other posts, this is a nasty infection and difficult to remove. It ends up in multiple places in the Registry, and many files involved.

But every instance I've seen of all these variations is cleaned up beautifully by the new VIPRE program from Sunbelt Software. You can download a fully functional version, good for 15 days, at no charge.

This is not a commercial, so I won't provide a download link. But it's easy enough to find. Good luck!

P. S. I agree too with the post that strongly discourages wiping the drive and reinstalling everything. While that approach may sometimes be best for other reasons, it can also be catastrophic in many cases.

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