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    You MUST change your password…or NOT


    by it cowgirl ·

    Our Security Team has implemented a minimum 15 character password for admin accounts. When trying to change my Admin password I received the following error: “WINDOWS PASSWORD: Your password has expired, you must change it. Your user account is configured in a way that doesn’t let you change your password.”

    This is the first time I have seen this one. I suspect a GPO was set somewhere in AD that you could not change your password again after a certain amount of time…
    Has anyone seen this before?

    I must admit this is the funniest Windows error I have ever seen yet.

    What is the most nonsensical error you have error received from a computer?

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      yeah this is easy

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to You MUST change your password…or NOT

      In the policies section you can set, password life span, password length, password complexity, and a few other related aspects. In the Group and User Administration section you can tag a setting ‘User Unable to Change Password’ this is to allow you stopping the account from being hijacked. I do this on a lot of remote access systems where I have read access for users etc. It also has a setting to disable or block the user account.

      So set password life span, and tag ‘user unable to Change Password’ – when the current life span expires, you get the above. I’ve seen this happen at work with a lazy Admin doing settings.

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        by it cowgirl ·

        In reply to yeah this is easy

        Seemed like it was something similar. Since I moved to networking I no longer have access to see these settings. Another duh moment for the admins…

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