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Young Talent in IT

By wally_patel ·
Quick comment on how managers should listen to younger "kids" in IT, i think that coming from this "kid" background, i know about the problems faced.

Young talented people generally get walked over and anything that they place comments on or propose or do generally gets scrutinised, just because of the "young factor", these ideas are stamped out and the opinion of somebody who has "ten years experience" is bought in. these ten years experienced people need to take a step down and be open andrealise that the younger generation have far more potential of doing things, please let them freeee! and stop being so negative.

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OK Young'uns

by road-dog In reply to Young Talent in IT

Be Freeeeee! with your own company's future on the line. Business is very unforgiving of mistakes. Seasoned people bring the benefits of hard earned experience gained through mistakes they have made or seen made in their careers.

One of the bestways to win is not to lose. Companies do not have the luxury of allowing youthful exuberance to drive business.

I will not underestimate the power of enthusiasm if you will not underestimate the power of "been there done that". Deal?

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Be patient, Pay dues

by LordInfidel In reply to Young Talent in IT

It may come as a shock, but this is a normal part of climbing up the ladder.

And it does not stop.

I also get scrutinized over some of the things I do.

I am a seasoned Admin with a large skillset and experience base, and I have been overturned by my counterpart and development mgr. Both of whom have been in the business longer then me and for that fact can see things in an different light that I was unable to see.

This is normal and you can not get pissed about it. It will still happen well into you career.

Right now what you need to do is to watch and learn from your superiors. If you think you have a better idea, offer it up. If it is a valid idea they will probably go with it, if it's not and they don't explain to youwhy it's not, ask them questions about it.

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by tbragsda In reply to Young Talent in IT

I would like to stop being so negative, but "sit down and shut-up". The guys with ten years in know a little somthing about this beast we call IT. Give them the respect they deserve, and you will get it. They may even take you under there wing.
I guess "and realise that the younger generation have far more potential of doing things." set me off, but I think this line has been spoken by almost every young whatever in every business.

Try my suggestion. It may surprise you what you learn.

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A Kid, yet an Old Man and a Kid again

by ghstinshll In reply to Young Talent in IT

I'm 25, have been in technology for over 4 years, and had seniority in my former tech services company. In my current company (a professional services firm) I am a kid again, since all the managing staff has over 10, 20+ years in with the firm. I'vebeen here for over 4 months now and had my first head-butt reversal on a decision. It was scary and appaling at first, but I just had to re-adjust my sights on the situation. I found a compromise that was best for the situation at hand and all is well. We respect each other more now.

I've seen both sides of the ball (if a ball had sides), and agree with the old dogs on this one. It's more than true.

Chime in, listen, and learn!


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I agree

by hdsup In reply to A Kid, yet an Old Man and ...

I totally agree with you. I'm 22, and work in a Help Desk with 3 other employees, (we support appx 500 users), that are twice my age. I am the lowest on the food chain, which means my ideas and suggestions are basically ignored, even though the ideas may make perfect sense in the situation. They can't seem to accept fresh new ideas. I realize it will get better...

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