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    Your Advice would be appreciated.


    by ramkarthikeyan ·

    I am an Information technology professional located in middle-east Asia.And I have been following your Q&A and I have to admit that it is a revelation. I have noticed that you are a stern advocate of direct contact with a company in case of a job search. But what would be your advice if I am to seach in long distance eg:US or EU through Internet.As I am sure the worth of my next hop would be in the higher league of IT I would like to get some clear commitment from the employer before I can makea decision.
    Could you shed some light on this.
    Continue your great work we need this.


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      Your Advice would be appreciated.

      by avachon ·

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      Hi, although internet searches may reap benefits for you, you may not be satisfied with the result if you “litter” your resume across a bunch of sites. A more focused search would be better. Look at the sites and get a feel for the skills needed andwho is hiring. Look at the web sites of prospective employers and do your homework – find out about the firm, #of employees, its prospects for growth, etc. Narrow your search to a few companies you really want to work for. If you can find the name of a hiring manager, write to the person directly. If the company is global, find out if they hold a position in middle-Asia. If it does, talk with people who work for the company, there may be opportunities to work in Asia and eventually move to the US if that is your goal. Do you hold certifications? Do you have an opportunity to gain them? Sites such as offer free training to prepare you for exams if necessary. Look at for guidance and post questions if you have specific questio

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      Your Advice would be appreciated.

      by mcse lee ·

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      In your situation, it may be better for you to contact (or surf to…) a legitimate headhunter, and let them do the searching for you. You can specify the type of work, even the type of company, and they will match you with the appropriate job. You could even schedule several interviews for the same time period (a week, or two), and visit several potential employers in a single trip. It’s the job of a professional headhunter to do this kind of thing, and most are very good at it.

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