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Your and You're

By jhallen ·
"Your" is possessive.

Correct example. This is your car.

"You're" is a contraction of "you are."

Correct example: You're a champion.

Common error: "Your a sweetheart."

Sign to be placed on gas pumps sent to every Shamrock gas station in the US.

"Your on video camera."

Hey, why not use some of your outrageous gasoline profits to buy a grammar checker or hire someone who can write standard English.

But, at least I'm not bitter!

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If it bothers you so much

by Old Guy In reply to Your and You're

why don't you check out this Discussion? It's all about flagrant grammar mistakes. Or, if you just want to stir up something check out this Discussion:

Of course, no offense meant--just wanting you to know what's out there. B-)

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Simple high school grammar

by mjd420nova In reply to Your and You're

I see this all the time from non high school graduates (drop-outs) who didn't learn this in english class. Another common one is THERE-- THEIR THERE'S THEIR'S Can sometimes be a bit hard to understand, but with a little practice it can be glossed over. Why Bother??

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why bother?

by john.a.wills In reply to Simple high school gramma ...

Because if you use a fine chisel as a screwdriver you will blunten the chisel.

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