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Your iPhone camera shows EXACTLY where you live

By robo_dev ·
My iPhone 3GS is a cool device. It has a built in GPS, as does the iPhone 4.

I did not realize that the very first time you use the camera, it asks you to "use your current location?", then sets that as the default.

Mine was set this way, so therefore the phone puts Geotag information (GPS coordinates) in the EXIF data of EVERY photo taken with the phone!

I loaded the EXIF Viewer Add-on for Firefox:

I opened up a photo I took and looked at the EXIF data and there it is, the latitude and longitude, accurate to within about 100 feet.

I entered the GPS coordinate values into Google Maps and BAM! There is the precise location where I live...yikes!

Instructions for disabling iphone location services:

EXIF Viewer Add-on for Firefox

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This is a great feature.

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Your iPhone camera shows ...

Android Phones do this too, and iPhoto will actually import your photos and show where they were taken with push-pins on a map of the globe. Makes it easy to organize trips by vacations, for example. It is actually awesome.

On the Android, it is turned off by default and you have to enable it, and it doesn't pin you to a default location, either.

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I installed the addon, how do you use it?

by Slayer_ In reply to Your iPhone camera shows ...
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nevermind, found it

by Slayer_ In reply to I installed the addon, ho ...

Damn thats a lot of info these things track.

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It's also a quick way to tell if a photo has been altered...

by robo_dev In reply to nevermind, found it

I am pretty sure that when you save it with Photoshop or some other editor, the EXIF data goes away.

This could have great value from a crime-investigation standpoint.

It would be interesting if the iPhone geotags it's video (pretty sure it does not).

It would be useful if you could add to the EXIF data so that photos could be categorized automatically.

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I had a few that said they were edited in photoshop

by Slayer_ In reply to It's also a quick way to ...

And others where the data was just missing.
My Blackberry actually had very little information compared to my actual Digi Cam which even showed shutter speed, flash timing and setting, whether or not there as a flash, what its focal point was, if it was removing red eye, etc.

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