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Your new electronic ID card

By Dr Dij ·
The below story mentions that the senate has passed (by tacking onto a military spending bill) an act requiring states issue an electronic ID cards & drivers licenses, likely to contain RFID chip, by 2008.

I personally think the US senate should NOT be allowed to pass ANY unrelated bills in one package, as Colorado's standard procedure. If a bill is worthwhile should stand on its own merits.,10801,101657,00.html

Will this be the start of a 'Brave New World' where everyone has ID chips implanted?

Do people think this is worthwhile? Or is this a reactionist clamp down on our freedoms somehow?

(Greetings, Sprawl-Mart customer # 1BD4E-54A7-4109 :)

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Bad idea

by Murr In reply to Your new electronic ID ca ...

It is definitly a bad idea, and does not address basic security concerns.
Bruce Schneier has some very intelligent comments about this law on his blog.

glad I'm not an American, but how long before something similar happens in my home....

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by j.lupo In reply to Your new electronic ID ca ...

What you are seeing is normal politics. This happens with all bills in the Senate and House. Politicians negotiate for support of their legislation and make deals to get theirs through. To do that, they sometimes will add other peoples legislation to their own bill - making one big bill instead of a whole bunch of little bills.

As ot the rest, We live in different times and there are many ideas on the chip front being explored. I don't care about the drivers liscence, it has some merit in my opinion. The medical community is talking about implanted chips that would have patient records on them in case of emergencies and the person couldn't communicate their history.

The topic has been around for a while.

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