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Your On-line Life is Everyone's!!

By DMambo ·
This is an interesting article about law-enforcement's use of social networking sites to nab suspects:


Now, to me, just finding evidence in users' profiles seems OK. If some idiot posts pictures or video of their crimes, haul 'em in. That's like dealing drugs on public streets or diving a stolen car with it's original license plate. It's basically providing evidence for all to see. The probable cause is clear. (Just as there are extra punishments for hate-crimes, there should be extra punishments for stupid-crimes :) )

But what do you think about law-enforcement using false information in an on-line profile. Is that the same as "normal" undercover work, or is it more like entrapment? They've done it for years to catch potential sex-offenders.

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To me, it's entrapment but if done for sex offenders entrap all they want

by CG IT In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

The one thing I find funny is law enforcement's premise of telling lies to catch criminals. Criminals lie to evade capture. If the police are telling lies and the criminals are telling lies, who knows what the truth really is?

Or does truth really matter anymore? Case in point, gossip or urban legend. If 100 people say the same thing, then it must be the truth right?

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Doesn't bother me

by GSG In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

If you post on a "social networking" site, you have absolutely no expectation of privacy. I've been doing some training of all of our staff regarding privacy and HIPAA and the last slide they see is a flowsheet that shows where one post by a person with 20 friends is visible to over 400 people.

Facebook is public. Period. End of Story. I don't know about the other sites, because I don't have accounts there, but I assume they are similar. If you don't want it known, seen, etc... then the ultimate privacy setting is to not post it.

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I know there's no expectation of privacy on social networking sites, but

by AV . In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

Theres something not right about law enforcement trolling Facebook pages looking for criminals. Its only ok if they have probable cause to do so, but outside of that, no.

I know they catch sex offenders that way, but who keeps law enforcement in check? Using false online profiles is a slippery slope. I don't know for sure, but I wonder how that holds up in court.


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by NexS In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

If people get away with bank heists using many different types of fraud, what's stopping the same idiot stereotype from fraudulence on facebook etc.? That being said, what about the people claiming to pull criminals from social sites? Could they also be the very people falsifying these sites to get people pinched?
It's just far too easy to get away with things in this manner.

So it's a disagree from me.

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If people are stupid enough

by .Martin. In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

to post videos of their crimes, they deserve to be caught.

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That's true, but...

by NexS In reply to If people are stupid enou ...

But I don't believe that social/media websites are a viable way to fight crime.

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Who be

by santeewelding In reply to Your On-line Life is Ever ...

At the top of the animal kingdom of dissimulation?

Take it from there.

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Beats what I thought to say.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Who be

Our lives not our own anyway...

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The folks don't seem to realize

by santeewelding In reply to Beats what I thought to s ...

We are it. We are Congress. We have it anyway we want, for better or worse or for whatever.

Have fun.

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